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Davies, John - Selling Your Business For Dummies, ebook

Selling Your Business For Dummies

Davies, John

From 28,25€

A hands-on tool for conducting the successful, profitable sale of a business

As business owners gray, trends have shown that they start thinking of cashing out. Selling Your Business For Dummies gives readers expert tips on every aspect of…

Halcrow, Allan - Gray Matters: The Workplace Survival Guide, ebook

Gray Matters: The Workplace Survival Guide

Halcrow, Allan


It's impossible to "do more with less," especially with the looming threat of another reorganization, layoff, or other dramatic change. The good news is that you've got a new power tool for what ails you at work: Gray Matters. This inventive new book combines lively

Kouzes, James M. - Turning Adversity Into Opportunity, ebook

Turning Adversity Into Opportunity

Kouzes, James M.

From 9,90€

Leaders are no strangers to challenges; in recent years, businesses have experienced unprecedented layoffs, dismal sales, dwindling retirement accounts, and the bankruptcy of once-heralded institutions. While these uncertain times are difficult, they also provide the opportunity for great

Liu, Betty - Work Smarts: What CEOs Say You Need To Know to Get Ahead, ebook

Work Smarts: What CEOs Say You Need To Know to Get Ahead

Liu, Betty

From 27,80€

Packed with candid, often humorous, revelations from leaders in the world of finance, technology, retail, telecom, entertainment, and more, Work Smarts delivers priceless guidance on: How to really network The importance of being likable What your boss is thinking when you ask for a raise Winning every