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Braune, Klaus - LaTeX, ebook


Braune, Klaus


Table of contents
I. Einstieg
1. Einleitung
2. Erste Schritte
3. Dokumentstrukturen
4. Spezielle Textstrukturen
5. Eigene Textstrukturen
6. Mathematische Formeln
7. Basispakete
II. Erweiterungen
8. Sprachunterstützung mit…

Öchsner, Andreas - Das Textverarbeitungssystem LaTeX, ebook

Das Textverarbeitungssystem LaTeX

Öchsner, Andreas


Table of contents
1. Einführung: Was ist LATEX?
Marco Öchsner, Andreas Öchsner
2. Voreinstellungen und Definitionen
Marco Öchsner, Andreas Öchsner
3. Text- und Absatzformatierung
Marco Öchsner, Andreas Öchsner
4. Tabellen und Bilder
Marco Öchsner, Andreas Öchsner
5. Formelsatz

Grätzer, George - More Math Into Latex, ebook

More Math Into Latex

Grätzer, George


Table of contents
Part I. Short Course
1. Your Latex
George Grätzer
2. Typing text
George Grätzer
3. Typing math
George Grätzer
4. Your first article and presentation
George Grätzer
Part II. Text and Math
5. Typing text
George Grätzer
6. Text environments
George Grätzer

Grätzer, George - More Math Into LaTeX, ebook

More Math Into LaTeX

Grätzer, George


Table of contents
Part I. Mission Impossible
1. Short course
George Grätzer
2. And a few more things…
George Grätzer
Part II. Text and Math
3. Typing text
George Grätzer
4. Text environments
George Grätzer

Dongen, M. R. C. van - LaTeX and Friends, ebook

LaTeX and Friends

Dongen, M. R. C. van


Table of contents
1. Introduction to LATEX
M. R. C. Dongen
2. Running Text
M. R. C. Dongen
3. Lists
M. R. C. Dongen
4. Presenting External Pictures
M. R. C. Dongen
5. Presenting Diagrams
M. R. C. Dongen
6. Presenting…

Keddie, Joseph L. - Fundamentals of Latex Film Formation, ebook

Fundamentals of Latex Film Formation

Keddie, Joseph L.


An Introduction to Latex and the Principles of Colloidal Stability
2. Established and Emerging Techniques of Studying Latex Film Formation
3. Drying of Latex Films
4. Particle Deformation
5. Molecular Diffusion Across Particle Boundaries
6. Surfactant

Raines, Kimberley - The Urge to Obey, ebook

The Urge to Obey

Raines, Kimberley


James is a man who likes to dominate women. He works out, is good looking and thinks he has the world at his feet - until the woman he learns to call Mistress walks into his life and steals his urge to dominate! For her part, the Mistress is intrigued…

Delon, Francoise - L'Histoire de Francoise, ebook

L'Histoire de Francoise

Delon, Francoise


Sixteen year old Francoise is running messages for the Resistance during the Second World War when she is captured by the Germans and taken to the terrifying Fresnes prison. Questioned and tortured by the Gestapo, she fears for her life, until she catches…

Melrose, Paul - Let The Punishment Fit The Crime - Volume 2, ebook

Let The Punishment Fit The Crime - Volume 2

Melrose, Paul


BOOK TWO of this fascinating tale follows the fortunes of some of the new Officers, their training and their initial reactions to the new duties. With the Radical Action Party firmly in power, the courts begin to hand out firm sentences to offenders.…

Mittal, Vikas - High Performance Polymers and Engineering Plastics, ebook

High Performance Polymers and Engineering Plastics

Mittal, Vikas


This book describes advances in synthesis, processing, and technology of environmentally friendly polymers generated from renewable resources. With contents based on a wide range of functional monomers and contributions from eminent researchers, this…