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Greener, Sue - Research Methods for Postgraduates, ebook

Research Methods for Postgraduates

Greener, Sue


An indispensable reference for postgraduates, providing up to date guidance in all subject areas
Research Methods for Postgraduates brings together guidance for postgraduate students on how to organise, plan and do research

Baker, Allan - Molecular Methods in Ecology, ebook

Molecular Methods in Ecology

Baker, Allan


The incorporation of molecular methods in ecological research has added an exciting new dimension to conventional studies, and opened windows into previously intractable areas of research, at the interface between ecology and genetics. Using these new

Heinrich, Michael - Ethnopharmacology, ebook


Heinrich, Michael


It links natural sciences research on medicinal, aromatic and toxic plants with socio-cultural studies and has often been associated with the development of new drugs. The Editors of Ethnopharmacology have assembled an international team of renowned contributors to

Glisic, Savo G. - Adaptive WCDMA: Theory and Practice, ebook

Adaptive WCDMA: Theory and Practice

Glisic, Savo G.


Other multiple access methods include TDMA, FDMA, etc. WCDMA (Wideband Code Division Multiple Access) is the main air interface used for third generation mobile communication systems - UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunication System) and is characterised by a wider

Abu-Rub, Haitham - Impedance Source Power Electronic Converters, ebook

Impedance Source Power Electronic Converters

Abu-Rub, Haitham


Impedance Source Power Electronic Converters brings together state of the art knowledge and cutting edge techniques in various stages of research related to the ever more popular impedance source converters/inverters.
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