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Himmelfarb, Martha - The Apocalypse: A Brief History, ebook

The Apocalypse: A Brief History

Himmelfarb, Martha


This accessible and enlightening history provides insights into the fascinating genre of apocalyptic literature, showing how the apocalypse encompasses far more than popular views of the last judgment and violent end of the world might suggest. An

Femia, Joseph - Political Leadership in Liberal and Democratic Theory, ebook

Political Leadership in Liberal and Democratic Theory

Femia, Joseph


This deficiency has especially become evident in the last three or four decades, which have witnessed a revival of deontological liberalism and radical theories of participatory and ‘deliberative’ democracy. The contributors examine, discuss and evaluate descriptive,

Hendrick, Randall - Minimalist Syntax, ebook

Minimalist Syntax

Hendrick, Randall


Minimalist Syntax is a collection of essays that analyze major syntactic processes in a variety of languages, all unified by their perspective from within the Minimalist Program.
Introduces important concepts in the Minimalist approach to syntactic theory. Emphasizes empirical consequences of the Minimalist approach through

Coleman, John - Froude Today, ebook

Froude Today

Coleman, John


Rowse called fellow-historian James Anthony Froude the 'last great Victorian awaiting revival'. The question of power is the problem that perplexes every age: in his historical works Froude examined how it applied to the Tudor period, and defended Carlyle against the

The Old Testament 26: Ezekiel

The Old Testament 26: Ezekiel

Glyn, Christopher


It was written to announce judgment upon Judah, to allow them one last chance to repent. It also foretells of the coming deliverance of God's nation from captivity in Babylon. It mainly discusses the events during the Babylonian

Michiels, Albert - Hans Memling, ebook

Hans Memling

Michiels, Albert


His taste for detail and precision in drawing, his mastery of technique, and his sense of composition produced such magnificent works as The Last Judgment (1466-1473), The Mystic Marriage of St. Catherine (1479), and Seven Joys

Donno, Fabrizio - Beyond Catholicism, ebook

Beyond Catholicism

Donno, Fabrizio


Michelangelo’s Last Judgment: A Lutheran Belief?
Ambra Moroncini
5. Exchanging Poetry with Theology: Ludovico Castelvetro between Humanism and Heresy
Stefano Jossa
6. Ferrante Pallavicino’s La Retorica Delle

The New Testament 27: Revelation

The New Testament 27: Revelation

Glyn, Christopher


It also is to warn of the Final Judgment that nonbelievers will endure on that Last Day. John wrote that Revelation is special because, "Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of the prophecy, and heed the things