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Soeur, Vashti La - Under The Lash, ebook

Under The Lash

Soeur, Vashti La


Cyril has lost his way in the winding country lanes and asks for help from an isolated farmhouse, only to find himself walking into a world where women are superior, all men are inferior and where gay love coupled with supreme submission and domination…

Towne, Allen - Under The Roman Lash, ebook

Under The Roman Lash

Towne, Allen


The contest is who can take the most strokes without screaming, with the loser facing a very uncertain and certainly agonising future! Shiri's life is not a pleasant one at the best of times - the excruciating pain she is put through makes her wish she was back on the roads, working under the overseers'

Lash, Scott - Experience: New Foundations for the Human Sciences, ebook

Experience: New Foundations for the Human Sciences

Lash, Scott


Lash argues that a large part of the output of the social sciences today is still shaped by assumptions stemming from positivism, in contrast to the tradition of interpretative social enquiry pioneered by Max Weber. These assumptions are particularly central to economics,

Lash, Scott - The End of Organized Capitalism, ebook

The End of Organized Capitalism

Lash, Scott


In this thought-provoking new book, Anthony Smith analyses key debates between historians and social scientists on the role of nations and nationalism in history. In a wide-ranging analysis of the work of historians, sociologists, political scientists…

Ambience - Rainy Weather

Ambience - Rainy Weather

Broe, Rasmus


Outside the window the cold wind is lashing through the trees. The rain patters rhythmically, and from time to time, a distant rumble of thunder can be heard. Inside, all is warm and safe, and the weathers sounds are lulling you to sleep. Research has shown that natural

Shakespeare, William - Shakespeare on the Double! The Taming of the Shrew, ebook

Shakespeare on the Double! The Taming of the Shrew

Shakespeare, William


End your struggle with the Bard’s prose and enjoy the story of gold-digging Petruchio and tongue-lashing Kate. Shakespeare on the Double! The Taming of the Shrew includes an easy-to-understand modern English translation alongside the original Shakespearian text so that you can read

Gabriel, Reese - Caralissa's Conquest, ebook

Caralissa's Conquest

Gabriel, Reese


Will Caralissa be rescued from her fate as a pleasure slave, and if so, will she ever be anything but a submissive female who craves the lash?