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Sapir, Edward - Language, ebook


Sapir, Edward


Taken from the work of late-19th/early-20th century anthropological linguist Edward Sapir, this is a fascinating comprehensive introduction to the field of linguistics.

Brown, Colin M.  - The Neurocognition of Language, ebook

The Neurocognition of Language

Brown, Colin M.


The Neurocognition of Language is the first critical overview of the cognitive neuroscience of language, one of the fastest-moving and most exciting areas in language research today. And it is a necessity for anyone

Cole, David R. - The Power In / Of Language, ebook

The Power In / Of Language

Cole, David R.


The Power In/Of Language features a collection of essays that analyse the ways in which language is utilized in contemporary education revealing its deeply entrenched power relationships.Features essays grounded in theoretical rigor that offer critical

MacWhinney, Brian - The Handbook of Language Emergence, ebook

The Handbook of Language Emergence

MacWhinney, Brian


This authoritative handbook explores the latest integrated theory for understanding human language, offering the most inclusive text yet published on the rapidly evolving emergentist paradigm.Brings together an international team of contributors, including the most prominent advocates of

Chapman, Siobhan - Language and Empiricism, ebook

Language and Empiricism

Chapman, Siobhan


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Siobhan Chapman
2. The Vienna Circle
Siobhan Chapman
3. Falsification and Scientific Method
Siobhan Chapman
4. Holism
Siobhan Chapman
5. Ordinary Language Philosophy
Siobhan Chapman
6. Speech Acts and Implicatures
Siobhan Chapman
7. Oslo Philosophy

Foster-Cohen, Susan - Language Acquisition, ebook

Language Acquisition

Foster-Cohen, Susan


Cracking the Language Code: Processing Strategies in First Language Acquisition
Ann M. Peters
4. The Inevitability of Child Directed Speech
Matthew Saxton
5. Universal Grammar Approaches to Language Acquisition
Maria Teresa Guasti
6. Second