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Callahan, Maureen - Lady Gaga, ebook

Lady Gaga

Callahan, Maureen


Toimittaja Maureen Callahanin syväluotaava henkilökuva ilmiöstä nimeltä Lady Gaga kertoo kuinka New Yorkin burleskipiireissä pyristelleestä tanssijasta Stefani Germanottasta kasvoi popin uusi kuningatar. "Hän on täydellinen, miltei kuin geneettisesti

Cowlin, Chris - The Lady Gaga Quiz Book, ebook

The Lady Gaga Quiz Book

Cowlin, Chris


So you think you know all about Lady Gaga from her early successes through to her current domination of the world music scene? But do you know her real name or how she got started in the music business? What about the lyrics to her songs or the influences

Cowlin, Chris - The Pop Diva Quiz Book, ebook

The Pop Diva Quiz Book

Cowlin, Chris


From princess of pop, Kylie Minogue, through to the eccentric Lady Gaga, these modern day divas belt out hit after hit for our entertainment. If you are a fan of powerful female singers, you are certain to enjoy The Pop Diva Quiz

Goldstein, Jack - American Horror Story - The Ultimate Quiz Book, ebook

American Horror Story - The Ultimate Quiz Book

Goldstein, Jack


Are you a fan of American Horror Story? How much do you know about the first six seasons of the show? There’s only one way to find out! Whether you’re the ultimate superfan, or a casual viewer who enjoys a bit of trivia, this is the perfect book…

Goldstein, Jack - The Ultimate Celebrity Quiz Book, ebook

The Ultimate Celebrity Quiz Book

Goldstein, Jack


Which celebrity once told the world that she just wanted one day off to go swimming, eat ice cream and look at rainbows? Who can make you Fit in 30 Days? Which famous couple’s children are called Kingston and Zuma? And what in the world are Juggalos?…

Horn, Katrin - Women, Camp, and Popular Culture, ebook

Women, Camp, and Popular Culture

Horn, Katrin


Table of contents
1. Beyond Gay Men and After the Closet: Camp’s New Politics and Pleasures
Katrin Horn
2. The History and Theory of Camp
Katrin Horn
3. The Great Dyke Rewrite: Lesbian Camp on the Big Screen
Katrin Horn
4. TV in/vs. Postfeminism: Feminist Camp in 30 Rock
Katrin Horn

Brinkmann, Frank Thomas - Pop goes my heart, ebook

Pop goes my heart

Brinkmann, Frank Thomas


Anmerkungen zu Lady Gaga und dem Clip Judas
Kristin Merle
12. Gagas Judas in der TransSocial Media, oder: Wie etwas im Netz sich ad infinitum zu dehnen vermag
Simon Eckhardt
13. Die Sünder werden geliebt. Jesus,

Savigny, Heather - The Politics of Being a Woman, ebook

The Politics of Being a Woman

Savigny, Heather


Table of contents
1. Introduction: The Politics of Being a Woman
Heather Savigny, Helen Warner
Part I. The Politics of Politics in Popular Culture
2. Seen and Not Heard: The Popular Appeal of Postfeminist Political Celebrity
Emily Harmer
3. ‘Honour is everything for Muslims’? Vendetta Song, Filmic Representation,