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Poulin, Marc J. - Integration in Respiratory Control, ebook

Integration in Respiratory Control

Poulin, Marc J.


Brain Nuclei Controlling the Spinal Respiratory Motoneurons in the Newborn Mouse
Michelle Bévengut, Patrice Coulon, Gérard Hilaire
23. Superoxide Dismutase-1 Influences the Timing and Post-hypoxic Stability of Neonatal Breathing
Kevin J. Cummings, Dan

Lemaire, Maurice - Mechanics and Uncertainty, ebook

Mechanics and Uncertainty

Lemaire, Maurice


Science is a quest for certainty, but lack of certainty is the driving force behind all of its endeavors. This book, specifically, examines the uncertainty of technological and industrial science. Uncertainty and Mechanics studies the concepts of mechanical design in an uncertain setting