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Finster, David C. - Laboratory Safety for Chemistry Students, ebook

Laboratory Safety for Chemistry Students

Finster, David C.


Provides knowledge and models of good practice needed by students to work safely in the laboratory as they progress through four years of undergraduate laboratory work 
Aligns with the revised safety instruction requirements from the ACS Committee on Professional Training 2015 “Guidelines

Arsham, Marilyn S. - The AGT Cytogenetics Laboratory Manual, ebook

The AGT Cytogenetics Laboratory Manual

Arsham, Marilyn S.


Cytogeneticists utilize an assortment of procedures to investigate the full complement of chromosomes and/or a targeted region within a specific chromosome in metaphase or interphase.  Tools include routine analysis of G-banded chromosomes, specialized stains

Lloyd, Maggie - Handbook of Laboratory Animal Management and Welfare, ebook

Handbook of Laboratory Animal Management and Welfare

Lloyd, Maggie


This bestseller has been an essential book for all those working with laboratory animals since it was first published in 1994.  This fourth edition retains all the classic features that have made it a must-have reference including emphasis on best practice in order to improve animal

Costa, Lais R.R. - Manual of Clinical Procedures in the Horse, ebook

Manual of Clinical Procedures in the Horse

Costa, Lais R.R.


Manual of Clinical Procedures in the Horse is a detailed step-by-step guide to clinical skills in equine practice. With information on techniques ranging from physical examination and blood sampling to lameness and neurologic exams and other specialized procedures,