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Daleure, Georgia - Emiratization in the UAE Labor Market, ebook

Emiratization in the UAE Labor Market

Daleure, Georgia


Table of contents
1. Introduction to Sustainable Employment
Georgia Daleure
2. UAE Goes Global
Georgia Daleure
3. Economic Vision of the UAE
Georgia Daleure
4. Challenges to Full Emirati Employment
Georgia Daleure

Khattab, Nabil - Palestinians in the Israeli Labor Market, ebook

Palestinians in the Israeli Labor Market

Khattab, Nabil


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Sami Miaari, Nabil Khattab
Part I. The Persistence of Ethnic Penalties
2. On the Reserve Bench: Palestinian Employees in Israel
Nabil Khattab, Sami Miaari
3. Combating Discrimination against Arab…

Stanziani, Alessandro - Labor on the Fringes of Empire, ebook

Labor on the Fringes of Empire

Stanziani, Alessandro


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Progress and (Un)Freedom
Alessandro Stanziani
2. Coercion, Resistance and Voice
Alessandro Stanziani
3. Utilitarianism and the Abolition of Slavery in India
Alessandro Stanziani
4. Slavery,…

Buechler, Simone Judith - Labor in a Globalizing City, ebook

Labor in a Globalizing City

Buechler, Simone Judith


Six Industrial Case Studies: Internal and External Flexibilization and Technological Change
Simone Judith Buechler
4. The History, Politics, and Economies of Three Communities and Their Inhabitants
Simone Judith Buechler
5. Outsourcing Production and

Auriol, Laudeline - The Science and Technology Labor Force, ebook

The Science and Technology Labor Force

Auriol, Laudeline


Doctoral Education and Labor Market: Policy Questions and Data Needs
Barbara M. Kehm, Ulrich Teichler
3. The Careers of Doctorate Holders (CDH): Principles for Broad International Surveys—The CDH Example
Laudeline Auriol
4. Doctorate Holders’

Luce, Stephanie - Labor Movements: Global Perspectives, ebook

Labor Movements: Global Perspectives

Luce, Stephanie

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With tremendous growth in inequality within and between countries, steady or indeed rising unemployment and underemployment, and the marked increase in precarious work and migration, can unions still play a role in raising wages and improving work conditions?
This book provides a critical evaluation

Furåker, Bengt - Sociological Perspectives on Labor Markets, ebook

Sociological Perspectives on Labor Markets

Furåker, Bengt


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Bengt Furåker
2. Some Concepts with Which to Start
Bengt Furåker
3. Labor Market Divisions
Bengt Furåker
4. Actors and Interactions
Bengt Furåker
5. The Commodity Status of Labor Power
Bengt Furåker
6. Age of Services, Information, and Globalization