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Dubofsky, Melvyn - Labor in America: A History, ebook

Labor in America: A History

Dubofsky, Melvyn


This book, designed to give a survey history of American labor from colonial times to the present, is uniquely well suited to speak to the concerns of today’s teachers and students. As issues of growing inequality, stagnating incomes, declining unionization, and exacerbated job insecurity

Sakurai, Kojiro - Trade and the Labor Market, ebook

Trade and the Labor Market

Sakurai, Kojiro


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Kojiro Sakurai
2. Basic Facts
Kojiro Sakurai
3. Effect of Trade on Employment
Kojiro Sakurai
4. Effect of Trade on Wages
Kojiro Sakurai
5. Concluding Remarks
Kojiro Sakurai

Felipe, Jesus - Labor Markets in Asia, ebook

Labor Markets in Asia

Felipe, Jesus


Unemployment, Labor Laws, and Economic Policies in the Philippines
Jesus Felipe, Leonardo Lanzona
8. The Labor Market in the People’s Republic of China: Development and Policy Challenges in Economic Transition

Porcher, Jocelyne - The Ethics of Animal Labor, ebook

The Ethics of Animal Labor

Porcher, Jocelyne


Table of contents
1. What Is Animal Husbandry?
Jocelyne Porcher
2. Work and Freedom
Jocelyne Porcher
3. The Livestock Industry
Jocelyne Porcher
4. Animal Death
Jocelyne Porcher
5. Living Without Life
Jocelyne Porcher

Kitagawa, Akiomi - The Changing Japanese Labor Market, ebook

The Changing Japanese Labor Market

Kitagawa, Akiomi


Table of contents
1. Overview
Akiomi Kitagawa, Souichi Ohta, Hiroshi Teruyama
Part I. Theory
2. Flatter Wage Profiles and Reduced Lifetime Employment: A Simple Formalization
Akiomi Kitagawa, Souichi Ohta, Hiroshi Teruyama
3. Ranking and Long-Term Unemployment in a Model with Efficiency Wages

Sallaz, Jeffrey J. - Labor, Economy, and Society, ebook

Labor, Economy, and Society

Sallaz, Jeffrey J.

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What makes a capitalist society unique is that it treats the human capacity to engage in labor as a basic commodity. This can be a source of dynamism, as when innovative firms raise wages to attract the best and brightest. But it can also be a source of misery, as

Macones, George A. - Management of Labor and Delivery, ebook

Management of Labor and Delivery

Macones, George A.


The process of labor and delivery has been one of the most perilous activities in human life. The awkward evolutionary compromises giving rise to humans make birthing potentially life threatening for both mother and child. Despite the development of modern care, labor