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Brelade, Sue - A Practical Guide to Knowledge Management, ebook

A Practical Guide to Knowledge Management

Brelade, Sue


An expert but jargon-free guide to enable you to manage the knowledge in your organisation successfully - to identify, gather and use that knowledge to maximum advantage. Organise and manage all your knowledge

Pritchard, Duncan - Knowledge, ebook


Pritchard, Duncan


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Duncan Pritchard
2. Analysing Knowledge
Duncan Pritchard
3. Anti-Luck Epistemology
Duncan Pritchard
4. Virtue Epistemology
Duncan Pritchard
5. Anti-Luck Virtue Epistemology

Griseri, Paul - Management Knowledge, ebook

Management Knowledge

Griseri, Paul


Management Knowledge A Critical View This book fills the gap for a text which presents a theoretically-based critique of management knowledge but in an accessible form which is relevant to MBA students and practitioners alike. Students have to learn

Burke, Peter - What is the History of Knowledge?, ebook

What is the History of Knowledge?

Burke, Peter


What is the history of knowledge? This engaging and accessible introduction explains what is distinctive about the new field of the history of knowledge (or, as some scholars say, ‘knowledges in the plural’)

Meusburger, Peter - Knowledge and Action, ebook

Knowledge and Action

Meusburger, Peter


Action, Knowledge, and Social Relations of Space
Benno Werlen
3. Rationality and Discursive Articulation in Place-Making
Huib Ernste
4. Thought-in-Action/Action-in-Thought
Gunnar Olsson
5. Perverse Expertise and the Social Unconscious in the

Knoblauch, Hubert - Knowledge in Action, ebook

Knowledge in Action

Knoblauch, Hubert


Table of contents
Teil I. Neue Formen und Paradigmen der Wissen(schaft)skommunikation
1. „Public Sociology“ und „Public Understanding of Science“ (PUS) bzw. „Medialisierung“ der Wissenschaft
Oliver Neun
2. Comics als visueller…

Castro, Gregorio Martín - Knowledge Creation Processes, ebook

Knowledge Creation Processes

Castro, Gregorio Martín


The Knowledge Society and Inter-Firm Competition
Gregorio Martín Castro, Pedro López Sáez, José Emilio Navas López, Raquel Galindo Dorado
2. An Approach to Knowledge Creation and Transfer: The EO-SECI

Bassi, Antonio - Knowledge and Project Management, ebook

Knowledge and Project Management

Bassi, Antonio


Project Management Body of Knowledge in the Context of PMI and ISO
Antonio Bassi
4. Emotional and Spiritual Knowledge
Constantin Bratianu
Part III. Knowledge Management Strategies for Project Management
5. Lessons