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Clarke, Chris - Ways of Knowing, ebook

Ways of Knowing

Clarke, Chris


The editorial stance of this book is that mysticism and science offer a way forward here, but only if they abandon the idol of a single logical synthesis and acknowledge the diversity of different ways of knowing. The contributors, from disciplines as diverse as music,

Clarke, Chris - Knowing, Doing, and Being, ebook

Knowing, Doing, and Being

Clarke, Chris


Between 1965 and 2002 several key lines of research emerged which, taken together, can potentially revolutionise our understanding of the place of consciousness in the universe. Two of these are crucial: first, the analyses of human mental processes by…

Kieran, Matthew - Knowing Art, ebook

Knowing Art

Kieran, Matthew


Table of contents
Part I. Knowing Through Art
1. Knowing Content in the Visual Arts
Keith Lehrer
2. Pictures, Knowledge, and Power: The Case of T. J. Clark
Derek Matravers
3. Narrating the Truth (More or Less)
Stacie Friend
4. Fiction and Psychological Insight
Kathleen Stock
5. Art and Modal

Hollway, Wendy - Knowing Mothers, ebook

Knowing Mothers

Hollway, Wendy


Three Psycho-Social Perspectives on Knowing and Becoming: Psychoanalytically Informed Theorising in Mothers’ and Researchers’ Knowing
4. Weird Beyond Words: The Transgressive Corporeality of Pregnancy and Compassion-Based Ethics
Wendy Hollway
5. How

Krupnik, Igor - SIKU: Knowing Our Ice, ebook

SIKU: Knowing Our Ice

Krupnik, Igor


Table of contents
1. SIKU: International Polar Year Project #166 (An Overview)
Igor Krupnik, Claudio Aporta, Gita J. Laidler
2. Weather Variability and Changing Sea Ice Use in Qeqertaq, West Greenland, 1987–2008
Pierre Taverniers
3. Mapping Inuit Sea Ice Knowledge, Use, and Change

Gallagher, Lowell - Knowing Shakespeare, ebook

Knowing Shakespeare

Gallagher, Lowell


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Lowell Gallagher, Shankar Raman
2. Macbeth and the Perils of Conjecture
Sean H. McDowell
3. Eyeing and Wording in Cymbeline
Bruce R. Smith
4. “O, she’s warm”: Touch in The Winter’s…

Taylor, Tim E. - Knowing What is Good For You, ebook

Knowing What is Good For You

Taylor, Tim E.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Tim E. Taylor
2. Setting the Scene
Tim E. Taylor
3. The Main Contenders
Tim E. Taylor
4. Objective or Subjective?
Tim E. Taylor
5. What Sort of Subjective Account?
Tim E. Taylor

Dusek, Val - Knowing Humanity in the Social World, ebook

Knowing Humanity in the Social World

Dusek, Val


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Francis X Remedios, Val Dusek
2. Fuller on Science and Technology Studies
Francis X Remedios, Val Dusek
3. Fuller’s Social Epistemology and Epistemic Agency
Francis X Remedios, Val Dusek

Khine, Myint Swe - Knowing, Knowledge and Beliefs, ebook

Knowing, Knowledge and Beliefs

Khine, Myint Swe


Table of contents
I. Introduction
1. Personal Epistemology and Culture
Barbara K. Hofer
II. Conceptual and Methodological Issues
2. Assessing Teachers’ Epistemological and Ontological Worldviews
Gregory J. Schraw, Lori J. Olafson