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Sutherland, Keith - A People's Parliament/A Citizen Legislature, ebook

A People's Parliament/A Citizen Legislature

Sutherland, Keith


Whether or not this was true at the time, the exponential growth of the population, skyrocketing campaign funding, the power of pressure groups, the grease of the pork-barrel and the dominance of charisma and demagoguery means that the US Constitution could now better be described as a kleptocracy.

Springer, Simon - Violent Neoliberalism, ebook

Violent Neoliberalism

Springer, Simon


Violent Kleptocracy: The Articulations of Neoliberalism and Patronage
Simon Springer
Part II. Discourse
4. Violent Orientalism: Imagining the “Savage Other”
Simon Springer
5. Violent Symbolism: Good Governance and the Making of Neoliberal Subjects

Lundahl, Mats - Poverty in Haiti, ebook

Poverty in Haiti

Lundahl, Mats


From Kleptocracy to Democracy?
Mats Lundahl
10. Problems of Policy Reform in the Haitian Economy
Mats Lundahl
11. Sustained Growth in Haiti: Pipe-Dream or Realistic Possibility?
Mats Lundahl
Part IV. A Future for Haiti?
12. Hating the United