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Ferguson, Kitty - Stephen Hawking. Elämä, ebook

Stephen Hawking. Elämä

Ferguson, Kitty


Amerikkalainen tiedetoimittaja Kitty Ferguson selittää näitä vaikeita asioita niin hyvin kuin sanallisesti ilman matemaattisia kaavoja suinkin on mahdollista. Hänen suomentajansa Markus Hotakainen hallitsee sanaston ja ymmärtää käsitteet. Suomennos on erityisen

Brown, Paul - Neuroscience for Leadership, ebook

Neuroscience for Leadership

Brown, Paul


There is Chemistry and Then There is Chemistry
Tara Swart, Kitty Chisholm, Paul Brown
2. Brains, Bodies and Business: A Systems Approach
Tara Swart, Kitty Chisholm, Paul Brown
3. The New Model Leader
Tara Swart,

Ammen, Amy - Hip Ideas for Hyper Dogs, ebook

Hip Ideas for Hyper Dogs

Ammen, Amy


Hyper dogs are often overly energetic, wickedly smart, and incredibly stubborn. How do you turn your furry flurry of activity into a sane, mild-mannered companion? This book gives you fun, hip techniques especially for hyper dogs and harried pet parents…

Collins, Sheila - The Cat Quiz Book, ebook

The Cat Quiz Book

Collins, Sheila


Are you a cat lover? Have you observed cats’ behaviour at close hand? Do you consider yourself to be knowledgeable about all things relating to our feline friends? To find out just how much you know about cats, why not have a go at the 101 questions…

Cleveland, H. Harrington - Substance Abuse Recovery in College, ebook

Substance Abuse Recovery in College

Cleveland, H. Harrington


Table of contents
1. The Need for College Recovery Services
Richard P. Wiebe, H. Harrington Cleveland, Kitty S. Harris
2. Collegiate Recovery Communities: What They Are and How They Support Recovery
Kitty S. Harris, Amanda Baker, H. Harrington Cleveland
3. Facilitating Identity Development in Collegiate Recovery:

Baroutsis, Aspa - Re-imagining Schooling for Education, ebook

Re-imagining Schooling for Education

Baroutsis, Aspa


Thinking Differently About Schooling
Glenda McGregor, Martin Mills, Kitty Te Riele, Aspa Baroutsis, Debra Hayes
2. Contemporary Schooling Contexts
Glenda McGregor, Martin Mills, Kitty Te Riele, Aspa Baroutsis, Debra

Cotter, Paul - The Impact of Food Bioactives on Health, ebook

The Impact of Food Bioactives on Health

Cotter, Paul


Table of contents
Part I. Gastrointestinal Digestion Models, General Introduction
1. Static Digestion Models: General Introduction
Amparo Alegría, Guadalupe Garcia-Llatas, Antonio Cilla
2. InfoGest Consensus Method
Alan Mackie, Neil Rigby
3. Approaches to Static Digestion Models
Alan Mackie, Neil

Harris, ty - Women and Recovery: Finding Hope, ebook

Women and Recovery: Finding Hope

Harris, ty


Kitty Harris, an experienced counselor and therapist who is herself a recovering alcoholic with more than thirty years of sobriety, presents a new model for recovery that focuses on treating the pain in women's lives that can lead to a vicious cycle of addiction—not