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Kurzweil, Arthur - Kabbalah For Dummies, ebook

Kabbalah For Dummies

Kurzweil, Arthur


Kabbalah For Dummies presents a balanced perspective of Kabbalah as an “umbrella” for a complex assemblage of mystical Jewish teachings and codification techniques. Kabbalah For Dummies also shows

Wile, Lawrence - The Jaynes Legacy, ebook

The Jaynes Legacy

Wile, Lawrence


Julian Jaynes' 1976 book, The Origins of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, continues to arouse an unsettling ambivalence. Richard Dawkins called it "either complete rubbish or a work of consummate genius, nothing in between". The present…

Kordela, A. Kiarina - Freedom and Confinement in Modernity, ebook

Freedom and Confinement in Modernity

Kordela, A. Kiarina


Table of contents
1. Kafka’s Cages: An Introduction
A. Kiarina Kordela, Dimitris Vardoulakis
Part I. Interpreting Kafka’s Cages
2. Special Views on Kafka’s Cages
Stanley Corngold
3. Delusions of Agency: Kafka, Imprisonment, and Modern Victimhood
Chris Fleming, John O’Carroll
4. Kafka and

, Dynner, Glenn - Men of Silk: The Hasidic Conquest of Polish Jewish Society, ebook

Men of Silk: The Hasidic Conquest of Polish Jewish Society

, Dynner, Glenn


Hasidism, a kabbalah-inspired movement founded by Israel Ba'al Shem Tov (c1700-1760), transformed Jewish communities across Eastern and East Central Europe. In Men of Silk , Glenn Dynner draws upon newly discovered Polish archival material and neglected Hebrew testimonies to illuminate Hasidism's

Mago, Vijay Kumar - Computational Models of Complex Systems, ebook

Computational Models of Complex Systems

Mago, Vijay Kumar


Table of contents
1. Computational Models of Complex Systems: An Introduction
Vijay Kumar Mago, Vahid Dabbaghian
2. A Kabbalah System Theory Modeling Framework for Knowledge Based Behavioral Economics and Finance
Gabriel Burstein, Constantin Virgil Negoita
3. The Commodity Exporting Country A Spectral Analysis

Walach, Harald - Neuroscience, Consciousness and Spirituality, ebook

Neuroscience, Consciousness and Spirituality

Walach, Harald


Table of contents
1. Neuroscience, Consciousness, Spirituality – Questions, Problems and Potential Solutions: An Introductory Essay
Harald Walach
2. Mindfulness in East and West – Is It the Same?
Stefan Schmidt
3. Setting Our Own Terms: How We Used Ritual to Become Human
Matt J. Rossano
4. Neuroscience