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Hume, Helen D. - The Art Teacher's Book of Lists, Grades K-12, ebook

The Art Teacher's Book of Lists, Grades K-12

Hume, Helen D.


A revised and updated edition of the best-selling resource for art teachers
This time-tested book is written for teachers who need accurate and updated information about the world of art, artists, and art movements, including the arts

Raby, Rosalind Latiner - Community College Models, ebook

Community College Models

Raby, Rosalind Latiner


Community Colleges and the Globalization of Higher Education in Postcolonial Zimbabwe
Douglas Mpondi
6. Indian Community College System: Democratic Response to Globalization
S. J. Alphonse Xavier, Edward Valeau
7. The Development of the Community College

Rebelo, Francisco - Advances in Ergonomics in Design, ebook

Advances in Ergonomics in Design

Rebelo, Francisco


Use Perception Analysis in Custom Made Footwear for People with Physical Disability
Rosangela Monteiro Santos, Flavio Cardoso Ventura, Francienne Hernandes, Ademir Marques Junior, João Eduardo Guarnetti, Luís Carlos Paschoarelli
59. Usability Evaluation of