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Bauer, Joy - Joy Fit Club: Cookbook, Diet Plan and Inspiration, ebook

Joy Fit Club: Cookbook, Diet Plan and Inspiration

Bauer, Joy


A new book from Joy Bauer based on her wildly popular "Joy Fit Club" segments on the "Today" show
Joy Bauer, the long-time on-air diet and nutrition expert for the "Today" show, regularly tells the personal stories of people who have lost 100 pounds

Strathcarron, Ian - Joy Unconfined, ebook

Joy Unconfined

Strathcarron, Ian


Lord Byron’s Grand Tour is recorded as impressions in his own letters and journals, more methodically in the diary of his travelling companion John Cam Hobhouse, and reflected poetically in the first two cantos of the epic poem that was to make his…

Buxbaum, Yitzhak - Jewish Tales of Mystic Joy, ebook

Jewish Tales of Mystic Joy

Buxbaum, Yitzhak


Jewish Tales of Mystic Joy reveals the happiness that awaits us if we strive for real spirituality. The stories are about pious rabbis and humble tailors, about dancing, singing, laughing, and crying, but their common denominator is always joyous ecstasy. Drawing us into a world of devotion,

Gasow, Julia - The Joy of Breeding Your Own Show Dog, ebook

The Joy of Breeding Your Own Show Dog

Gasow, Julia


Sammet, The American Kennel Club's first Breeder of the Year (2002)
The bible of quality dog breeding, The Joy of Breeding Your Own Show Dog is a must-have for novice and veteran breeders alike, covering everything from developing a viable breeding program to

Hendry, Joy - Science and Sustainability, ebook

Science and Sustainability

Hendry, Joy


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Joy Hendry
2. Fire and Water: Sustaining the Land
Joy Hendry
3. Making a Sustainable Living
Joy Hendry
4. Architecture and House Building
Joy Hendry
5. Health and Death
Joy Hendry
6. Calendars and Climate Change
Joy Hendry
7. Astronomy and Navigation