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Ward, Stephen J. A. - Radical Media Ethics: A Global Approach, ebook

Radical Media Ethics: A Global Approach

Ward, Stephen J. A.


Radical Media Ethics presents a series of innovative ethical principles and guidelines for members of the global online media community.
Offers a comprehensive new way to think about media ethics in a new media era Provides guiding principles and

Ess, Charles - Digital Media Ethics, ebook

Digital Media Ethics

Ess, Charles


New for the second edition is a section on “citizen journalism” and its implications for traditional journalistic ethics. With a significantly updated section on the “ethical toolkit,” this book also introduces

Smith, Ron - Ethics in Journalism, ebook

Ethics in Journalism

Smith, Ron


In this fully updated and expanded 6th edition of Ethics in Journalism, author Ron F. Smith provides a highly readable introduction to journalism ethics, and offers solutions for the many ethical dilemmas facing journalists today.Utilizes

Poerksen, Bernhard - The Creation of Reality, ebook

The Creation of Reality

Poerksen, Bernhard


Constructivism has been traded as a new paradigm by its advocates, and criticised by its opponents as legitimating deceit and lies, as justifying a trendy post-modern "Anything goes". In this book, Bernhard Poerksen draws up a new rationale for constructivist…

Kanigel, Rachele - The Diversity Style Guide, ebook

The Diversity Style Guide

Kanigel, Rachele


New diversity style guide helps journalists write with authority and accuracy about a complex, multicultural world
A companion to the online resource of the same name, The Diversity Style Guide raises the consciousness of journalists who strive to…

Maras, Steven - Objectivity in Journalism, ebook

Objectivity in Journalism

Maras, Steven

From 23,75€

Going beyond a denunciation or defence of journalistic objectivity, Maras critically examines the different scholarly and professional arguments made in the area. Structured around key questions, the book considers the origins and history of objectivity, its philosophical

Male, Alan - A Companion to Illustration: Art and Theory, ebook

A Companion to Illustration: Art and Theory

Male, Alan


A contemporary synthesis of the philosophical, theoretical and practical methodologies of illustration and its future development
Illustration is contextualized visual communication; its purpose is to serve society by influencing the many aspects of its cultural infrastructure; it dispenses knowledge and education, it commentates

Köhler, Andreas - Trust in Media and Journalism, ebook

Trust in Media and Journalism

Köhler, Andreas


Table of contents
1. Trust in Media and Journalism
Kim Otto, Andreas Köhler
Part I. Ethics and Norms
2. What Is Meant By ‘Trust’ In News Media?
Caroline Fisher
3. Changing Norms Concerning Verification
Gunnar Nygren, Andreas Widholm
4. The Quality of Tweets and the Adoption of Journalistic