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Tate, C. Dow - Scholastic Journalism, ebook

Scholastic Journalism

Tate, C. Dow


The new 12th edition of Scholastic Journalism is fully revised and updated to encompass the complete range of cross platform multimedia writing and design to bring this classic into the convergence age.Incorporates cross platform writing and design into each chapter to bring this classic

Smith, Ron - Ethics in Journalism, ebook

Ethics in Journalism

Smith, Ron


In this fully updated and expanded 6th edition of Ethics in Journalism, author Ron F. Smith provides a highly readable introduction to journalism ethics, and offers solutions for the many ethical dilemmas facing journalists today.Utilizes

Nash, Chris - What is Journalism?, ebook

What is Journalism?

Nash, Chris


Table of contents
1. The Case for a Rupture
Chris Nash
2. Hans Haacke
Chris Nash
3. I.F. Stone
Chris Nash
4. Space, Geography and Journalism
Chris Nash
5. Time, History and Journalism
Chris Nash
6. News Sense,…

Ryfe, David M. - Journalism and the Public, ebook

Journalism and the Public

Ryfe, David M.


The public, James Carey famously wrote, is the ?god-term? of journalism, ?the term without which the entire enterprise fails to make sense.? In the last thirty years, scholars have made great progress in understanding just what this means.
In this much-needed new book, leading scholar

Maras, Steven - Objectivity in Journalism, ebook

Objectivity in Journalism

Maras, Steven

From 23,75€

Objectivity in journalism is a key topic for debate in media, communication and journalism studies, and has been the subject of intensive historical and sociological research. In the first study of its kind, Steven Maras surveys the different viewpoints

Zelizer, Barbie - What Journalism Could Be, ebook

What Journalism Could Be

Zelizer, Barbie


What Journalism Could Be asks readers to reimagine the news by embracing a conceptual prism long championed by one of journalism's leading contemporary scholars. A former reporter, media critic and academic, Barbie Zelizer charts a singular journey through

Chapman, Jane L. - Journalism Today: A Themed History, ebook

Journalism Today: A Themed History

Chapman, Jane L.


Journalism Today: A Themed History provides a cultural approach to journalism's history through the exploration of overarching concepts, as opposed to a typical chronological overview. Rich with illuminating stories and biographies of key figures, it

Russell, Adrienne - Journalism as Activism: Recoding Media Power, ebook

Journalism as Activism: Recoding Media Power

Russell, Adrienne


Adrienne Russell reports on media power from one of the most vibrant corners of the journalism field, the corner where journalists and activists from countries around the world cross digital streams and end up updating media practices and strategies. Russell demonstrates

Fürsich, Elfriede - Travel Journalism, ebook

Travel Journalism

Fürsich, Elfriede


On the Relevance of Travel Journalism: An Introduction
Folker Hanusch, Elfriede Fürsich
Part I. Mapping the Terrain: Strategies for Studying Travel Journalism
2. People on the Move: Travel Journalism, Globalization