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Dorland, Su - Exam Stress?: No Worries!, ebook

Exam Stress?: No Worries!

Dorland, Su


In Exam Stress? No Worries! trained psychologist Su Dorland gives frazzled students insights into  the causes of exam anxiety, why some people get anxious about exams and why others  don’t, steps for coping with the two Ps (perfectionism and procrastination), and

Shaw, Peter J. A. - Raise Your Game: How to succeed at work, ebook

Raise Your Game: How to succeed at work

Shaw, Peter J. A.


You love your job but you feel out of control and are having to run to keep up.  How can you successfully step up to deliver the expectations upon you? How can you build on your strengths to get a grip on your new responsibilities quickly?  How can you conquer anxieties