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Thomas, J. Dennis - The Art and Style of Product Photography, ebook

The Art and Style of Product Photography

Thomas, J. Dennis


Now you can master the secrets of effective product photography with this essential guide. Author J. Dennis Thomas guides you through the basics, from selecting the right equipment and practicing different lighting techniques to controlling exposure, using backgrounds

Federova, Marina - Art of Siberia, ebook

Art of Siberia

Federova, Marina


The art of Siberia is a fascinating subject, and the artifacts discovered in the hidden archives of the Russian Museum of Ethnography in St. Petersburg are nothing less than extraordinary. Artwork, day-to-day subjects and photos dating from the turn …

Federova, Marina - Die Kunst Sibiriens, ebook

Die Kunst Sibiriens

Federova, Marina


Die Kunst Sibiriens ist ein faszinierendes Studienobjekt und die Artefakte, die in den Archiven des Russischen Museums für Ethnografie in Sankt Petersburg entdeckt wurden, sind nicht weniger als atemberaubend. Kunst, Gegenstände des Alltags und Fotografien,…

UNKNOWN - The CPM Silver Yearbook 2007, ebook

The CPM Silver Yearbook 2007



In addition to all of these monetary and financial roles, silver is also an industrial commodity critical to photography, high-definition imaging, modern battery technology and electronics, engineering, chemical processes, and more.
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