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Easton, Suzanne - Practical Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging, ebook

Practical Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging

Easton, Suzanne


Practical Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging is an essential and practical guide to the various diagnostic imaging modalities that are used in veterinary practice. It moves from basic mathematic and physical principles through to discussion of equipment and…

Grupen, Claus - Radioactivity and Radiation, ebook

Radioactivity and Radiation

Grupen, Claus


Table of contents
1. Why Should I Read This Book?
Claus Grupen, Mark Rodgers
2. What Are Radioactivity and Radiation?
Claus Grupen, Mark Rodgers
3. What Does Radiation Do?
Claus Grupen, Mark Rodgers
4. How Can We Make Radiation?
Claus Grupen, Mark Rodgers
5. What Are X Rays?
Claus Grupen,

Tierney, Scott - The Best of Pointless Conversations, ebook

The Best of Pointless Conversations

Tierney, Scott


The hand-picked topics discussed by the two loveable idiots involve: Is Superman a cowardly alien? (taken from Superheroes) Is Back to the Future's Doc Brown a time travelling psychopath? (taken from Doctor Emmet Brown) What is an ionising bulb, and does it actually

DeWeese, Theodore L. - Molecular Determinants of Radiation Response, ebook

Molecular Determinants of Radiation Response

DeWeese, Theodore L.


Table of contents
1. H2AX in DNA Damage Response
Christophe E. Redon, Jennifer S. Dickey, Asako J. Nakamura, Olga A. Martin, William M. Bonner
2. DNA Damage Signaling Downstream of ATM
Fred Bunz
3. Checkpoint Control Following Radiation Exposure
Markus Lobrich, Aaron A. Goodarzi, Tom Stiff, Penny A. Jeggo

Coppola, Domenico - Mechanisms of Oncogenesis, ebook

Mechanisms of Oncogenesis

Coppola, Domenico


Table of contents
1. Cytokines and Stressors: Implications for Cancer Immunotherapy
Alexander W. Kusnecov, Hymie Anisman
2. The Role of Oncogene Activation in Tumor Progression
Michael J. Gray, Gary E. Gallick
3. Carcinogenic Effects of Ionising Radiation
Arthur C. Upton
4. Chemical Carcinogenesis

Lichtfouse, Eric - Sustainable Agriculture Volume 2, ebook

Sustainable Agriculture Volume 2

Lichtfouse, Eric


Table of contents
1. Emerging Agroscience
Eric Lichtfouse, Marjolaine Hamelin, Mireille Navarrete, Philippe Debaeke, Agnès Henri
2. Ants and Sustainable Agriculture
Gero Benckiser
3. Agroecology as a Science, a Movement and a Practice
A. Wezel, S. Bellon, T. Doré, C. Francis, D. Vallod, C. David

Gahan, Peter B. - Circulating Nucleic Acids in Plasma and Serum, ebook

Circulating Nucleic Acids in Plasma and Serum

Gahan, Peter B.


Development of the Adaptive Response and Bystander Effect Induced by Low-Dose Ionising Radiation in Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Aleksey V. Ermakov, Marina S. Konkova, Svetlana V. Kostyuk, Tatjana D. Smirnova, Liudmila V. Efremova, Liudmila N. Lyubchenko, Natalya