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Peterson, Steven - Investment Theory and Risk Management, ebook

Investment Theory and Risk Management

Peterson, Steven


A unique perspective on applied investment theory and risk management from the Senior Risk Officer of a major pension fund
Investment Theory and Risk Management is a practical guide to today's investment

Fan, Miao - Risk and Foreign Direct Investment, ebook

Risk and Foreign Direct Investment

Fan, Miao


Risk and Home Country Bias
2. A Review of Theory Concerning Risk and the Foreign Investment Decision
Colin White, Miao Fan
3. Risk and Risk-generating Events
Colin White, Miao Fan
4. Home Country Bias in Foreign

Chong, Yen Yee - Investment Risk Management, ebook

Investment Risk Management

Chong, Yen Yee


Risk has two sides: underestimating it harms the investor, while overestimating it prevents the implementation of bold business projects. This book explains, from the point of view of the practitioner, the analysis of investment risk

Shearn, Michael - The Investment Checklist: The Art of In-Depth Research, ebook

The Investment Checklist: The Art of In-Depth Research

Shearn, Michael


When you base your purchase decisions on isolated facts and don't take the time to thoroughly understand the businesses you are buying, stock-price swings and third-party opinion can lead to costly investment mistakes. Your decision making at this point becomes dangerous

Cowell, Frances - Risk-Based Investment Management in Practice, ebook

Risk-Based Investment Management in Practice

Cowell, Frances


Risk-Based Portfolio Selection
8. Asset Allocation
Frances Cowell
9. Indexed Equities Portfolios
Frances Cowell
10. Equities Portfolios
Frances Cowell
11. Optimization for Equity Stock Selection
Frances Cowell
12. Fixed Interest Portfolios

Regele, Fabian - Infrastructure Investments, ebook

Infrastructure Investments

Regele, Fabian


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Fabian Regele
2. Overview of the infrastructure asset class
Fabian Regele
3. Regulatory treatment of direct infrastructure assets
Fabian Regele
4. Optimal capital allocation and solvency capital…