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Butler, Jesse - Rethinking Introspection, ebook

Rethinking Introspection

Butler, Jesse


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Jesse Butler
2. Introspection as Inner Perception
Jesse Butler
3. Poking Out the Inner Eye
Jesse Butler
4. Introspection as a Metaphor
Jesse Butler
5. Knowing Our Own Consciousness
Jesse Butler
6. Introspection through Cognition
Jesse Butler

Wooffitt, Robin - Looking In and Speaking Out, ebook

Looking In and Speaking Out

Wooffitt, Robin


The text offers an account of the way in which contemporary researchers are employing introspection methodologies; it argues for the importance of viewing introspective data as discourse, and illustrates this via discussion of research findings in four substantive

Brown, Jason W. - Metapsychology of the Creative Process, ebook

Metapsychology of the Creative Process

Brown, Jason W.


Many are fascinated by the phenomenon of genius and search for an understanding of its nature. Modern research is not especially helpful in elucidating the inner process or its relation to ordinary thought. The present work comes from clinical studies…

Waard, Fransje de - Spiritual Crisis, ebook

Spiritual Crisis

Waard, Fransje de


The American comedienne Lily Tomlin once observed with surprise that we call it 'praying' when we talk to God and 'schizophrenia' when God talks back to us. In this book people speak about inner experiences in which they perceived themselves and the world…

Valsiner, Jaan - From Methodology to Methods in Human Psychology, ebook

From Methodology to Methods in Human Psychology

Valsiner, Jaan


Table of contents
1. Methodology as Foundation for Discovery
Jaan Valsiner
2. General Epistemology of Open Systems
Jaan Valsiner
3. Methodology in the New Key: The Methodology Cycle
Jaan Valsiner
4. Frames of Reference
Jaan Valsiner
5. The Role of Methods in the Methodology Cycle

Delap, Lucy - Feminist Media History, ebook

Feminist Media History

Delap, Lucy


Individualism and Introspection: The Framing of Feminism in the Freewoman
Lucy Delap
7. Conclusion
Maria DiCenzo, Lucy Delap, Leila Ryan