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McCloud, Paul - Quantitative Finance For Dummies, ebook

Quantitative Finance For Dummies

McCloud, Paul


An accessible, thorough introduction to quantitative finance
Does the complex world of quantitative finance make you quiver? You're not alone! It's a tough subject for even high-level financial gurus to grasp,

Heath, David - A Benchmark Approach to Quantitative Finance, ebook

A Benchmark Approach to Quantitative Finance

Heath, David


Table of contents
1. Preliminaries from Probability Theory
Eckhard Platen, David Heath
2. Statistical Methods
Eckhard Platen, David Heath
3. Modeling via Stochastic Processes
Eckhard Platen, David Heath
4. Diffusion Processes
Eckhard Platen, David Heath
5. Martingales and Stochastic Integrals

Guerard, John B. - Quantitative Corporate Finance, ebook

Quantitative Corporate Finance

Guerard, John B.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Capital Formation, Risk, And The Corporation
John B. Guerard, Eli Schwartz
2. The Corporation And Other Forms Of Business Organization
John B. Guerard, Eli Schwartz
3. The Corporation Balance Sheet
John B. Guerard, Eli Schwartz
4. The Operating Statements: The Income

Binder, Andreas - A Workout in Computational Finance, ebook

A Workout in Computational Finance

Binder, Andreas


A comprehensive introduction to various numerical methods used in computational finance today
Quantitative skills are a prerequisite for anyone working in finance or beginning a career in the field, as well as risk managers. A thorough grounding in

Langton, Jonathan - Islamic Economics and Finance, ebook

Islamic Economics and Finance

Langton, Jonathan


‘Beyond the Crisis: Islamic Finance in the New Financial Order’
1. Opening Round Table
Jonathan Langton, Cristina Trullols, Abdullah Q. Turkistani
2. Introduction to Islamic Economics and Finance
Jonathan Langton, Cristina Trullols, Abdullah Q.

Carmona, René  A. - Numerical Methods in Finance, ebook

Numerical Methods in Finance

Carmona, René A.


An Introduction to Particle Methods with Financial Applications
René Carmona, Pierre Moral, Peng Hu, Nadia Oudjane
2. American Option Valuation with Particle Filters
Bhojnarine R. Rambharat
3. Monte Carlo Methods for Adaptive Disorder Problems