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Seitz, Brian - Intersubjectivity and the Double, ebook

Intersubjectivity and the Double

Seitz, Brian


The Politics of Intersubjectivity: Representation and the Double
Brian Seitz
2. Philosophy’s Use and Abuse of the Double: Plato and Kant
Brian Seitz
3. Precisely Not Me: The Deuce in Dostoevsky
Brian Seitz
4. Proximities to Death: Freud’s

Adams, William A. - What Does It All Mean?, ebook

What Does It All Mean?

Adams, William A.


As a young man Bill Adams travelled the world teaching US citizens abroad on behalf of a large state university on the East Coast. Back home he reflected that if there were answers to the great questions of life, then he’d not found them - not in India,…

Gallagher, Shaun - Brainstorming, ebook


Gallagher, Shaun


Shaun Gallagher is a philosopher of mind who has made it his business to study and meet with leading neuroscientists, including Michael Gazzaniga, Marc Jeannerod and Chris Frith. The result is this unique introduction to the study of the mind, with topics…

Jensen, Rasmus Thybo - The Phenomenology of Embodied Subjectivity, ebook

The Phenomenology of Embodied Subjectivity

Jensen, Rasmus Thybo


Transcendental Intersubjectivity and Normality: Constitution by Mortals
Sara Heinämaa
6. The Body as a System of Concordance and the Perceptual World
Ignacio Reyes Melero
7. Lifeworld as an Embodiment of Spiritual Meaning: The Constitutive Dynamics

Munro, Niall - Hart Crane’s Queer Modernist Aesthetic, ebook

Hart Crane’s Queer Modernist Aesthetic

Munro, Niall


Abstraction and Intersubjectivity in White Buildings
Niall Munro
4. Spatiality, Movement, and the Logic of Metaphor
Niall Munro
5. Temporality, Futurity, and the Body
Niall Munro
6. Empiricism, Mysticism, and a Queer Form of Knowledge

Grant, Colin B. - Uncertainty and Communication, ebook

Uncertainty and Communication

Grant, Colin B.


Table of contents
1. Why Communication Is Not as Certain as We Might Think
Colin B. Grant
2. Intersubjectivity, Dialogue and the Limits of Sharedness
Colin B. Grant
3. The Limited Reach of Universal Pragmatics
Colin B. Grant
4. The Limited Reach of Communication Systems
Colin B. Grant
5. Uncertainty

Gallagher, Shaun - Phenomenology, ebook


Gallagher, Shaun


Table of contents
1. Introduction: The Situation of Phenomenology
Shaun Gallagher
2. What Is Phenomenology?
Shaun Gallagher
3. Naturalism, Transcendentalism and a New Naturalizing
Shaun Gallagher
4. Phenomenological Methods and Some Retooling
Shaun Gallagher
5. Intentionalities
Shaun Gallagher

Prozorov, Sergei - Understanding Conflict between Russia and the EU, ebook

Understanding Conflict between Russia and the EU

Prozorov, Sergei


From Object to Subject: Intersubjectivity and the Problematic of Self-exclusion
Sergei Prozorov
4. Sovereignty and Integration in EU-Russian Encounters: an Interpretative Model of Conflict Analysis
Sergei Prozorov
5. Dissensual Interfaces: Interactional