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Cornille, Catherine - The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Inter-Religious Dialogue, ebook

The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Inter-Religious Dialogue

Cornille, Catherine


  Explores in full the background, history, objectives, and discourse between the leaders and practitioners of the world’s major religions Examines relations between religions from around the world, moving well beyond the common focus on Christianity, to also cover over 12 major religions Features

Chia, Edmund Kee-Fook - Interfaith Dialogue, ebook

Interfaith Dialogue

Chia, Edmund Kee-Fook


Jewish Perspectives on Interfaith Dialogue After Nostra Aetate
Fred Morgan
4. Response of the Asian Church to Nostra Aetate
Edmund Kee-Fook Chia
Part II. Islam and Muslims Around the Globe
5. Challenges of Muslim-Christian Relations in Nigeria

Cornille, Catherine - Meaning and Method in Comparative Theology, ebook

Meaning and Method in Comparative Theology

Cornille, Catherine


  Provides a unique and objective look at the field of comparative theology for scholars of religion and theologians who want to understand or situate their work within the broader field Contains methodological questions and approaches that apply to comparative theologians from any religious tradition

Mannion, Gerard - Where We Dwell in Common, ebook

Where We Dwell in Common

Mannion, Gerard


Difficult Dialogue and Wisdoms about Difference
Mary McClintock Fulkerson
Part III. Transcending Ecclesial Impasse
7. Seeing Beyond the Religious and Social Divide
Agnes M. Brazal, Emmanuel S. Guzman
8. “Unreal Worlds Meeting”?
Paul Avis

Lefebure, Leo D. - Religion, Authority, and the State, ebook

Religion, Authority, and the State

Lefebure, Leo D.


Table of contents
Part I. International Perspectives
1. Specters of a New Ecumenism: In Search of a Church “Out of Joint”
Dale T. Irvin
2. Religion and the State: Contexts, Controversies, and Conjectures in Australia, Indonesia, and…

Chapman, Mark D. - Hope in the Ecumenical Future, ebook

Hope in the Ecumenical Future

Chapman, Mark D.


Table of contents
Part I. Introduction
1. Introduction: Hope in the Ecumenical Future
Mark D. Chapman
Part II. Hope and Unity
2. The Unity (and Disunity) of Our Hope
Mary Doak
3. The Holy Spirit and Ecumenism: A Shift from Hope…

Schmiedel, Ulrich - Elasticized Ecclesiology, ebook

Elasticized Ecclesiology

Schmiedel, Ulrich


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Church(es) in Crisis
Ulrich Schmiedel
2. Chapter 1 The Traces of Trust
Ulrich Schmiedel
3. Chapter 2 The Drive for Difference
Ulrich Schmiedel
4. Chapter 3 The Togetherness of Trust

Loane, Edward - William Temple and Church Unity, ebook

William Temple and Church Unity

Loane, Edward


Table of contents
1. William Temple and Church Unity: Framing the Debate and Providing the Context
Edward Loane
2. Temple’s Philosophy and Theology of Church Unity
Edward Loane
3. Anglican Church Unity: Bridge and Barrier