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Bailey, Matt - Internet Marketing: An Hour a Day, ebook

Internet Marketing: An Hour a Day

Bailey, Matt


Proven, task-based approach to developing winning internet marketing campaigns
If you've been seeking a practical, day-by-day, do-it-yourself plan for success in your Internet marketing,

Elkin, Noah - Mobile Marketing: An Hour a Day, ebook

Mobile Marketing: An Hour a Day

Elkin, Noah

From 29,75€

A step-by-step guide to successful mobile marketing strategies
Go from zero to sixty with this practical book that helps you craft and deploy mobile marketing strategies for everything from brand building to lead generation and sales. As part of the

Jarboe, Greg - YouTube and Video Marketing: An Hour a Day, ebook

YouTube and Video Marketing: An Hour a Day

Jarboe, Greg


Fully updated with new information, including the latest changes to YouTube!
If you're a marketer, consultant, or small business owner, this is the guide you need to understand video marketing tactics, develop a strategy, implement the campaign, and measure results. You'll find extensive

Kavoura, Androniki - Strategic Innovative Marketing, ebook

Strategic Innovative Marketing

Kavoura, Androniki


2nd Symposium on Transportation Marketing: Trends and Future Directions
1. Ambient Media in the View of the General Public and Their Relation to this Communication Form
Tomáš Šula, Milan Banyár
2. Generation Y Marketing—The

Zimmerman, Jan - Web Marketing For Dummies, ebook

Web Marketing For Dummies

Zimmerman, Jan


Get the latest tools and trends in web marketing with this new edition of a bestseller
The rapidly changing landscape of web marketing requires those in the field to quickly adopt new technologies as they emerge. This updated edition provides the