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Levine, John R. - The Internet For Dummies, ebook

The Internet For Dummies

Levine, John R.


Veteran authors John Levine and Margaret Young return with an updated road map to both the online tools and resources that have defined the Internet for years, as well as all the new things that keep Internet users interested.

Weverka, Peter - The Internet GigaBookFor Dummies, ebook

The Internet GigaBookFor Dummies

Weverka, Peter


Get connected, get clicking, and get what you need from the Internet, whether that’s answers from Google, bargains from E-bay, music from iTunes, or merchandise from the thousands of shopping sites. The Internet Gigabook ForDummies has almost 900

Levine, John R. - The Internet For Dummies, ebook

The Internet For Dummies

Levine, John R.


Get up and running on the Internet—the fast and easyway
If you're an Internet newcomer and want to get up to speedwithout all the intimidating technical jargon, The Internet ForDummies has you covered.

Birley, Shane - Blogging For Dummies, ebook

Blogging For Dummies

Birley, Shane

From 20,60€

Blogging For Dummies, 2nd Edition gives you all the basics so you can get a good start. And if you’ve been around the blog a few times and want to advance to the next level, Blogging For Dummies, 2nd Edition even takes a look at podcasting and videoblogging.

Bray, Chris - Backgammon For Dummies<sup>&#174;</sup>, ebook

Backgammon For Dummies®

Bray, Chris

From 14,90€

It enjoyed a huge resurgence in the 1970s, and then again in the 1990s with the popularity of the Internet, where millions of people play tournaments online every day.
Today, backgammon's following in the UK is huge, with a dedicated British Isles Backgammon

Auer, Michael E. - Online Engineering &amp; Internet of Things, ebook

Online Engineering & Internet of Things

Auer, Michael E.


Using Industrial Internet of Things to Support Energy Efficiency and Management: Case of PID Controller
Tom Wanyama
Doru Ursuţiu, Andrei Neagu, Cornel Samoilă, Vlad Jinga
7. Development of M.Eng. Programs with a