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Griffiths, Mark D. - Internet Addiction in Psychotherapy, ebook

Internet Addiction in Psychotherapy

Griffiths, Mark D.


Table of contents
1. Internet Addiction: What Is It?
Daria J. Kuss, Mark D. Griffiths
2. Internet Addiction Treatment: The Therapists’ View
Daria J. Kuss, Mark D. Griffiths
3. Internet Addiction: Risk
Daria J. Kuss, Mark D. Griffiths
4. Internet Addiction: A Real Addiction?
Daria J. Kuss, Mark

Attrill, Alison - Applied Cyberpsychology, ebook

Applied Cyberpsychology

Attrill, Alison


Table of contents
1. Digital Inclusion and Disability
Darren Chadwick, Caroline Wesson
2. Parenting the Online Child
Sally Quinn
3. The Role of Culture in Online Behaviour
Alison Attrill
4. Natives and Immigrants: Closing the Digital Generation Gap
Edward T. Asbury
5. Technology-Assisted Memory

Ephross, Paul H. - Group Work with Populations at Risk, ebook

Group Work with Populations at Risk

Ephross, Paul H.


It is a comprehensive guidebook for those working directly with clients facing social problems or health conditions such as AIDS, cancer, addiction, head injury, divorce, mental illness, or abuse. Specific resources for further study and materials for use with each