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Huang, Futao - The Internationalization of the Academy, ebook

The Internationalization of the Academy

Huang, Futao


A Profile of CAP Participating Countries and a Global Overview of Academic Internationalization in 2007–2008
Michele Rostan, Martin Finkelstein, Futao Huang
4. Internationalization of the Academy: Rhetoric, Recent Trends, and Prospects
William K. Cummings,

Elsner, Stefan - Retail Internationalization, ebook

Retail Internationalization

Elsner, Stefan


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Stefan Elsner
2. Study 1 – Effects of Institutionalized Entry Modes on Entry Mode Choices
Stefan Elsner
3. Study 2 – Transferring the Retail Format Successfully into Foreign Countries

Adeleye, Ifedapo - Africa-to-Africa Internationalization, ebook

Africa-to-Africa Internationalization

Adeleye, Ifedapo


Exploring the Africa-to-Africa Internationalization Concept
1. Africa-to-Africa Internationalization: Emerging Trends and Key Issues
Nathaniel Boso, Ifedapo Adeleye, Lyal White
2. Africa-to-Africa Internationalization:

Cedrola, Elena - Fashion Brand Internationalization, ebook

Fashion Brand Internationalization

Cedrola, Elena


Overview of Fashion Brand Internationalization: Theories and Trends
Byoungho Jin, Elena Cedrola
2. Ermenegildo Zegna: When Family Values Guide Global Expansion in the Luxury Industry
Elena Cedrola, Ksenia Silchenko
3. Diesel: An Unconventional, Innovative,

Yemini, Miri - Internationalization and Global Citizenship, ebook

Internationalization and Global Citizenship

Yemini, Miri


Internationalization Policy and Discourse
2. Mobility as a Continuum: European Commission Mobility Policies for Schools and Higher Education
Miri Yemini
3. Framing of the Education Discourse within the Global Dimensions—Comparative Study of UK and Israeli

Durovic, Mateja - Internationalization of Consumer Law, ebook

Internationalization of Consumer Law

Durovic, Mateja


Table of contents
1. The Internationalisation of Consumer Law: An Emerging Phenomenon
Hans W. Micklitz, Mateja Durovic
2. International and Regional Organisations and the Internationalisation of Consumer Law
Hans W. Micklitz, Mateja Durovic