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Booth, Ken - International Relations Theory Today, ebook

International Relations Theory Today

Booth, Ken


International Relations (IR) theorists speak with conviction, and often passion, to the global condition of human society. The result is an important, dynamic and often deeply divided field. This long-awaited new

Lawson, Stephanie - International Relations, ebook

International Relations

Lawson, Stephanie


International relations emerged as a distinct academic discipline in the early twentieth century, but its philosophic foundations draw on centuries of thinking about human nature, power and authority, justice and injustice, and their implications for

Chan, Stephen - Plural International Relations in a Divided World, ebook

Plural International Relations in a Divided World

Chan, Stephen


In this timely book, Stephen Chan explores the historical and philosophical roots of difference and discord in the international system. He begins with the introduction of the Westphalian system, showing how, throughout the 20th century, new states - from the Middle