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Mavelli, Luca - Towards a Postsecular International Politics, ebook

Towards a Postsecular International Politics

Mavelli, Luca


The Golden Rule on the Green Stick: Leo Tolstoy’s International Thought for a “Postsecular” Age
Alexandre Christoyannopoulos
Part II. Cases
6. Postsecularity and the Contending Visions of the European Political Imagination in International Relations

Jacobsen, Kurt - International Politics and Inner Worlds, ebook

International Politics and Inner Worlds

Jacobsen, Kurt


Introduction: Politics All the Way Down
Kurt Jacobsen
2. Perestroika and American Political Science
Kurt Jacobsen
3. Dueling Constructivisms: A Post-Mortem on the Ideas Debate in Mainstream IR
Kurt Jacobsen
4. Why Do States (Bother to)

Normand, Linn - Demonization in International Politics, ebook

Demonization in International Politics

Normand, Linn


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Linn Normand
2. Demonization in Historical Context
Linn Normand
3. Demonization in War and Peace
Linn Normand
4. The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: An Introduction
Linn Normand
5. Documenting…