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Miao, Lu - International Migration of China, ebook

International Migration of China

Miao, Lu


In the Era of Globalization: The Phenomenon of International Migration in China
Lu Miao, Huiyao Wang
2. In a Different Region of the World: The Categories of Chinese Migrants Abroad
Lu Miao, Huiyao Wang
3. Reverse

Bartram, David - International Labour Migration, ebook

International Labour Migration

Bartram, David


Labor Migration in the Postwar Period
David Bartram
3. Foreign Workers Policy in Israel
David Bartram
4. Alternatives to Foreign Labor in Japan
David Bartram
5. Labor Migration, Social Membership, and Race

Pitkänen, Pirkko - Migration and Transformation:, ebook

Migration and Transformation:

Pitkänen, Pirkko


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Pirkko Pitkänen
2. Migration, Transnationalism, and Ambivalence: The Punjab–United Kingdom Linkage
Kaveri Qureshi, V. J. Varghese, Filippo Osella, S. Irudaya Rajan
3. Franco–Moroccan Transnational Space: Continuity and Transformations
Anna Virkama, Catherine Therrien,

Abranches, Maria - Food Parcels in International Migration, ebook

Food Parcels in International Migration

Abranches, Maria


Spaghetti with Ajvar: An Ethnography of Migration, Gender, Learning and Change
Karolina Bielenin-Lenczowska
Part III. The Circulation of Nourishment and the Deterritorialisation of Food Consumption
7. West African Plants and Prayers in the Netherlands: Nourishment

Desille, Amandine - International Migrations and Local Governance, ebook

International Migrations and Local Governance

Desille, Amandine


Multilevel Governance and Migration: Conflicts Among Levels of Governance in the South Tyrol Case
Andrea Carlà, Roberta Medda-Windischer
Part 2. The Transnational Governance of Development
5. Local Governance, Civil Society and Migrants’ Support to Local

Bacci, Massimo Livi - A Short History of Migration, ebook

A Short History of Migration

Bacci, Massimo Livi


This short book provides a succinct and masterly overview of the history of migration, from the earliest movements of human beings out of Africa into Asia and Europe to the present day, exploring along the way those factors that contribute to the successes and failures

Bonifacio, Glenda Tibe - Feminism and Migration, ebook

Feminism and Migration

Bonifacio, Glenda Tibe


Synergies Between Feminist Thought and Migration Studies in Mexico (1975–2010)
Gail Mummert
4. Fragmented Migrant (Her)Stories: Multi-sited Ethnography and Feminist Migration Research
Luna Vives
5. Japanese Single Mothers in Australia: Negotiation