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Enz, Cathy A. - Hospitality Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases, ebook

Hospitality Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases

Enz, Cathy A.


Updated to include the current models, theories, and hospitality practices, Hospitality Strategic Management: Concept and Cases, Second Edition is a comprehensive guide to strategic management in the international hospitality industry. Author Cathy A.

Bojanic, David C. - Hospitality Marketing Management, ebook

Hospitality Marketing Management

Bojanic, David C.


This is a core marketing text specifically geared for the hospitality student. It covers the major principles of marketing with a practical, applications oriented approach, rather than traditional marketing texts found in the business programs that focus on a lot of

Baker, Gideon - Hospitality and World Politics, ebook

Hospitality and World Politics

Baker, Gideon


Right of Entry or Right of Refusal? Hospitality in the Law of Nature and Nations
Gideon Baker
4. From Hospitality to the Right of Immigration in the Law of Nations: 1750–1850
Georg Cavallar
Part II. The Ethics

Dekker, Daphne M. - Innovation in Hospitality Education, ebook

Innovation in Hospitality Education

Dekker, Daphne M.


Hospitality Education: A Third Paradigm
Jeffrey B. Catrett
3. Education for Hospitality Management
Conrad Lashley
Part II. Design of the Hospitality Curriculum
4. Expertise: The Theory of Experimentation
Clare Hindley, Beverley Wilson-Wünsch

Häusler, Nicole - Cultural Due Diligence in Hospitality Ventures, ebook

Cultural Due Diligence in Hospitality Ventures

Häusler, Nicole


Table of contents
1. Analysing Cultural Diversity in Approaches Towards Poverty Alleviation
Nicole Häusler
2. The Unpacking of Culture Within the Framework of Cultural Due Diligence
Nicole Häusler
3. Organisational Culture and Community Culture in the Hospitality Sector
Nicole Häusler
4. Methodology:

Shapcott, Richard - International Ethics: A Critical Introduction, ebook

International Ethics: A Critical Introduction

Shapcott, Richard


Is it is justifiable to make any basic moral distinction between 'insiders and outsiders'? Do we have substantive duties of 'justice' to all human beings or merely Humanitarian duties of aid and assistance? These are two of the most crucial questions confronting world politics and the field of international

Bardi, James Socrates - Hotel Front Office Management, ebook

Hotel Front Office Management

Bardi, James Socrates


Useful features of this new edition include: A new chapter on executive housekeeping and the relationship between the housekeeping department and the front office Commentaries from hotel front office managers, general managers, and other department managers Articles on the international