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Knight, Jane - International Education Hubs, ebook

International Education Hubs

Knight, Jane


Understanding Education Hubs Within the Context of Crossborder Education
Jane Knight
3. An Analytical Framework for Education Hubs
Jane Knight, Jack Lee
4. The Evolution of Qatar as an Education Hub: Moving to a

Cowen, Robert - International Handbook of Comparative Education, ebook

International Handbook of Comparative Education

Cowen, Robert


The Modernist Beginnings of Comparative Education: The Proto-Scientific and the Reformist-Meliorist Administrative Motif
Pella Kaloyannaki, Andreas M. Kazamias
4. Forgotten Men, Forgotten Themes: The Historical-Philosophical-Cultural and Liberal Humanist Motif

Maxwell, T.W. - Education in Bhutan, ebook

Education in Bhutan

Maxwell, T.W.


History and Transition of Secular Education in Bhutan from the Twentieth into the Twenty-First Century
Singye Namgyel, Phup Rinchhen
5. Higher Education in Bhutan: Progress and Challenges
Janet Ward Schofield