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Boscia, Vittorio - Cooperative Banking in Europe, ebook

Cooperative Banking in Europe

Boscia, Vittorio


Cooperative Banking in Western EU Countries
2. The Cooperative Banking System in Portugal: The Case of Credito Agricola Mutuo Group
Valeria Stefanelli
3. The Cooperative Banking System in Spain
Valeria Stefanelli

Alam, Nafis - Islamic Banking, ebook

Islamic Banking

Alam, Nafis


Empirical Research in Islamic Banking: Past, Present, and Future
Nafis Alam, Syed Aun R. Rizvi
2. Impact of Islamic Banking on Economic Growth and Volatility: Evidence from the OIC Member Countries
Mohsin Ali, Wajahat

Chesini, Giusy - The Business of Banking, ebook

The Business of Banking

Chesini, Giusy


Reputational Risk in Banking: Important to Whom?
Ewa Miklaszewska, Krzysztof Kil
7. The Business Model of Banks: A Review of the Theoretical and Empirical Literature
Stefano Cosma, Riccardo Ferretti, Elisabetta Gualandri, Andrea Landi, Valeria Venturelli

Miklaszewska, Ewa - Institutional Diversity in Banking, ebook

Institutional Diversity in Banking

Miklaszewska, Ewa


The Evolution of Banking Regulation in the Post-Crisis Period: Cooperative and Savings Banks’ Perspective
Giovanni Ferri
2. The Role of Stakeholder Banks in the European Banking Sector
Panu Kalmi
3. Banks’ Business Models in Europe: Are Cooperative

Carè, Rosella - Sustainable Banking, ebook

Sustainable Banking

Carè, Rosella


Table of contents
1. Overview
Rosella Carè
2. Ethics and Finance: The Unresolved Puzzle
Rosella Carè
3. Exploring the Role of Banks in Sustainable Development
Rosella Carè
4. Emerging Practices in Sustainable Banking

Bishnoi, T R - Banking Reforms in India, ebook

Banking Reforms in India

Bishnoi, T R


Indian Banking Structure: An Overview
T. R. Bishnoi, Sofia Devi
2. Banking Reforms
T. R. Bishnoi, Sofia Devi
3. Restructuring and Consolidation—Mergers and Acquisitions
T. R. Bishnoi, Sofia Devi
4. Concentration and Competition
T. R.