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Tremmel, Jörg Chet - Demographic Change and Intergenerational Justice, ebook

Demographic Change and Intergenerational Justice

Tremmel, Jörg Chet


The Relationship Between Key Sustainability Indicators and Intergenerational Justice
6. Demographic Change and Sustainability: A Generational Balance
R. Andreas Kraemer, Daniel Blobel, Anneke Raggamby, Doris Knoblauch
7. Intergenerational Justice in an Extreme

Roemer, John - Intergenerational Equity and Sustainability, ebook

Intergenerational Equity and Sustainability

Roemer, John


Social Security Pensions and Intergenerational Equity: The Japanese Case
Noriyuki Takayama
Part II. Ranking Infinite Utility Streams
4. A New Equity Condition for Infinite Utility Streams and the Possibility of being Paretian
Geir B. Asheim, Tapan Mitra,

Vahabzadeh, Peyman - Iran’s Struggles for Social Justice, ebook

Iran’s Struggles for Social Justice

Vahabzadeh, Peyman


Social Justice; Anti-imperialist, Racist, Persian-centric, and Shi‘i-centric Discursive Formations of the Ideal Citizen and Iranian School Textbooks: A Social Biography Response
Amir Mirfakhraie
8. Justice Interrupted: The University and the Imam

Merle, Jean-Christophe - Spheres of Global Justice, ebook

Spheres of Global Justice

Merle, Jean-Christophe


Minority Rights and Global Justice: A Netherlands Perspective
Piet Klerk
16. Integrating Cultural Concerns in the Interpretation of Traditional Individual Rights: Lessons from the International Human Rights Jurisprudence
Julie Ringelheim
17. Intercultural

Dahms, Harry F. - Social Justice and the University, ebook

Social Justice and the University

Dahms, Harry F.


Researching, Knowing, and Promoting Social Justice for Indigenous Americans
Asafa Jalata
4. International Human Rights Law as a Global Foundation for Social Justice: Promise and Challenges
Robert C. Blitt
Part II.

Hale, Thomas - Beyond Gridlock, ebook

Beyond Gridlock

Hale, Thomas


It is now conventional wisdom to see the great policy challenges of the 21st century as inherently transnational. It is equally common to note the failures of the international institutions the world relies on to address such challenges. As the acclaimed…

Kaplan, Howard B. - The Cycle of Deviant Behavior, ebook

The Cycle of Deviant Behavior

Kaplan, Howard B.


Theoretical and Methodological Issues in the Study of Intergenerational Parallelism of Deviance
1. Toward an Understanding of Intergenerational Parallelism of Deviance
2. Method
Part II. The Conditional Nature of