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Ferri, Giuliana - Intercultural Communication, ebook

Intercultural Communication

Ferri, Giuliana


A Critical Framework for Intercultural Communication
Giuliana Ferri
3. The Ethics of Interculturalism
Giuliana Ferri
4. Dwelling or Sojourning? Modalities of Interculturality
Giuliana Ferri
5. Conclusion
Giuliana Ferri

Baldwin, John R. - Intercultural Communication for Everyday Life, ebook

Intercultural Communication for Everyday Life

Baldwin, John R.


Written for students studying intercultural communication for the first time, this textbook gives a thorough introduction to inter- and cross-cultural concepts with a focus on practical application and social action.
Provides a thorough introduction to inter- and cross-cultural concepts

Franklin, Peter - Intercultural Interaction, ebook

Intercultural Interaction

Franklin, Peter


Conceptualizing Intercultural Interaction
2. Unpacking Culture
Helen Spencer-Oatey, Peter Franklin
3. Intercultural Interaction Competence (ICIC)
Helen Spencer-Oatey, Peter Franklin
4. Achieving Understanding in Intercultural

Dervin, Fred - Intercultural Competence in Education, ebook

Intercultural Competence in Education

Dervin, Fred


Introduction: Towards the Simultaneity of Intercultural Competence
Fred Dervin, Zehavit Gross
Part I. Adding to Previous Perspectives: Making IC More Effective?
2. Meta-pragmatic Awareness and Intercultural Competence:

Cuban, Sondra - Transnational Family Communication, ebook

Transnational Family Communication

Cuban, Sondra


Framing Transnational Family Communication: “It Feels like a Contradiction, Close and Far”
Sondra Cuban
3. My Methodological Approach: “It Reminds Me of Lots of Things”
Sondra Cuban
4. Cars and Schools and Heart Is in Canada: Divergent

Lee, Fiona - Intercultural Communicative Competence for Global Citizenship, ebook

Intercultural Communicative Competence for Global Citizenship

Lee, Fiona


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Marina Orsini-Jones, Fiona Lee
2. Intercultural Communicative Competence (ICC) Revisited
Marina Orsini-Jones, Fiona Lee
3. Cyberpragmatics
Marina Orsini-Jones, Fiona Lee
4. The CoCo Telecollaborative Project: Internationalisation at Home to Foster Global Citizenship

Bermann, Sandra - A Companion to Translation Studies, ebook

A Companion to Translation Studies

Bermann, Sandra


This companion offers a wide-ranging introduction to the rapidly expanding field of translation studies, bringing together some of the best recent scholarship to present its most important current themesFeatures new work from well-known scholarsIncludes a broad range of geo-linguistic and