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Dvorak, Radana - SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard For Dummies, ebook

SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard For Dummies

Dvorak, Radana


The easy-to-use guide to SMART Board® interactive whiteboards
SMART Board interactive whiteboards—which combine the functionality of a computer with the simplicity of a whiteboard—are rapidly becoming fixtures in classrooms, boardrooms, and lecture halls everywhere. While

Hammoud, Riad I. - Interactive Video, ebook

Interactive Video

Hammoud, Riad I.


Visual Audio: An Interactive Tool for Analyzing and Editing of Audio in the Spectrogram
C. G. Boogaart, R. Lienhart
Part III. Algorithms II
7. Interactive Video via Automatic Event Detection
Baoxin Li, M. Ibrahim Sezan
8. Bridging the Semantic-Gap

Goldin, Dina - Interactive Computation, ebook

Interactive Computation

Goldin, Dina


Table of contents
Part I.Introduction
1. Turing, Computing and Communication
Robin Milner
2. Computing and Interaction
Farhad Arbab
3. Principles of Interactive Computation
Dina Goldin, Peter Wegner
Part II.Theory
4. A Theory of System Interaction: Components, Interfaces, and Services

Pellegrin, Enzo De - Interactive Wittgenstein, ebook

Interactive Wittgenstein

Pellegrin, Enzo De


Table of contents
1. Prefatory Note to the Frege-Wittgenstein Correspondence
Juliet Floyd
2. Frege-Wittgenstein Correspondence
Burton Dreben, Juliet Floyd
3. The Frege-Wittgenstein Correspondence: Interpretive Themes
Juliet Floyd

Sarcar, Vaskaran - Interactive C#, ebook

Interactive C#

Sarcar, Vaskaran


Table of contents
Part I. Enter into the World of OOP
1. Object-Oriented Programming Concepts
Vaskaran Sarcar
2. The Building Blocks: Class and Objects
Vaskaran Sarcar
3. The Concept of Inheritance
Vaskaran Sarcar
4. Get…

Cellary, Wojciech - Interactive 3D Multimedia Content, ebook

Interactive 3D Multimedia Content

Cellary, Wojciech


Modeling Interactive Augmented Reality Environments
Rafał Wojciechowski
7. Secure User-Contributed 3D Virtual Environments
Adam Wójtowicz
8. Describing Interactivity of 3D Content
Jacek Chmielewski
9. Searching Content Related by Semantics,

Adriaansen, Tony - Trends in Interactive Visualization, ebook

Trends in Interactive Visualization

Adriaansen, Tony


Overview of Interactive Visualization
Elena Zudilova-Seinstra, Tony Adriaansen, Robert Liere
Part II. Challenges in Data Mapping
2. Visualization of Information Uncertainty: Progress and Challenges
Binh Pham, Alex Streit, Ross Brown
3. Parallel Coordinates:

He, Jia - Interactive Segmentation Techniques, ebook

Interactive Segmentation Techniques

He, Jia


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Jia He, Chang-Su Kim, C.-C. Jay Kuo
2. Interactive Segmentation: Overview and Classification
Jia He, Chang-Su Kim, C.-C. Jay Kuo
3. Interactive Image Segmentation Techniques
Jia He, Chang-Su Kim, C.-C. Jay Kuo
4. Performance Evaluation
Jia He, Chang-Su Kim, C.-C.