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Bakker, Saskia - Peripheral Interaction, ebook

Peripheral Interaction

Bakker, Saskia


Casual Interaction—Moving Between Peripheral and High Engagement Interactions
Henning Pohl
7. Fluent Transitions Between Focused and Peripheral Interaction in Proxemic Interactions
Jo Vermeulen, Steven Houben, Nicolai

Dalton, Nicholas S. - Architecture and Interaction, ebook

Architecture and Interaction

Dalton, Nicholas S.


What Is It About Space That Is Important in Interaction? … Let’s Take the World from a Situated Point of View
Rachael Luck
Part II. Approaching Interaction in Space
4. Supporting Fluid Transitions in Innovative Learning Spaces: Architectural, Social

Hasegawa, Shoichi - Haptic Interaction, ebook

Haptic Interaction

Hasegawa, Shoichi


Whole Hand Interaction with Multi-finger Movement-Based Vibrotactile Stimulation
Shota Iizuka, Hikaru Nagano, Masashi Konyo, Satoshi Tadokoro
28. Signal and Power Transfer to Actuators Distributed on Conductive Fabric Sheet for Wearable Tactile Display

Stapelkamp, Torsten - Interaction- und Interfacedesign, ebook

Interaction- und Interfacedesign

Stapelkamp, Torsten


Table of contents
1. Einführung Form und Funktion
Torsten Stapelkamp
2. Interactiondesign
Torsten Stapelkamp
3. Interfacedesign
Torsten Stapelkamp
4. Servicedesign – User Experience Design, Joy of Use
Torsten Stapelkamp

England, David - Whole Body Interaction, ebook

Whole Body Interaction

England, David


Whole Body Interaction: An Introduction
David England
2. Springboard: Designing Image Schema Based Embodied Interaction for an Abstract Domain
Alissa N. Antle, Greg Corness, Allen Bevans
3. Whole Body Interaction

Isomäki, Hannakaisa - Future Interaction Design II, ebook

Future Interaction Design II

Isomäki, Hannakaisa


The Future of Interaction Research: Interaction Is the Result of Top–Down and Bottom–Up Processes
José J. Cañas
5. User Psychology in Interaction Design: The Role of Design Ontologies
Pertti Saariluoma, Hanna

Folkers, Gerd - Protein-Ligand Interactions, ebook

Protein-Ligand Interactions

Folkers, Gerd


The first part provides a basic understanding of the factors governing protein-ligand interactions, followed by a comparison of key experimental methods (calorimetry, surface plasmon resonance, NMR) used in generating interaction

Maciel, Cristiano - Digital Legacy and Interaction, ebook

Digital Legacy and Interaction

Maciel, Cristiano


Table of contents
1. The Fate of Digital Legacy in Software Engineers’ View: Technical and Cultural Aspects
Cristiano Maciel, Vinicius Carvalho Pereira
2. Living with the Dead: Emergent Post-mortem Digital Curation and Creation Practices