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Gaens, Bart - Inter-Regional Relations and the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM), ebook

Inter-Regional Relations and the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM)

Gaens, Bart


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Bart Gaens, Gauri Khandekar
2. Two Decades of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM)
Bart Gaens
3. ASEM: Partnership for Greater Growth?
Gauri Khandekar
4. ASEM and the Security Agenda: Talking the Talk but also Walking the Walk?
Axel Berkofsky
5. The Value-Added ASEM:

Hoffman, Mark - Advances in Cross-Cultural Decision Making, ebook

Advances in Cross-Cultural Decision Making

Hoffman, Mark


A Cross-Cultural Comparison of the Accuracy of Personality Judgements Made Through Social Media
Mark Turner, Eeven Chin
2. Autochthonous Materials and Traditional Manufacturing Methods: Analysis Based on Cultural and Historical

Baldwin, John R. - Intercultural Communication for Everyday Life, ebook

Intercultural Communication for Everyday Life

Baldwin, John R.


Written for students studying intercultural communication for the first time, this textbook gives a thorough introduction to inter- and cross-cultural concepts with a focus on practical application and social action.
Provides a thorough introduction to inter-

Salzman, Michael B. - A Psychology of Culture, ebook

A Psychology of Culture

Salzman, Michael B.


Table of contents
1. Definitions and Perspectives
Michael B. Salzman
2. The Human Condition
Michael B. Salzman
3. Culture and Human Needs
Michael B. Salzman
4. Culture and Self-Esteem
Michael B. Salzman
5. A Psycho-Existential View of Culture
Michael B. Salzman
6. Cultural Trauma and

Hegasy, Sonja - The Social Life of Memory, ebook

The Social Life of Memory

Hegasy, Sonja


ReMemory in an Inter-Generational Register: Social and Ethical Life of Testimony
Norman Saadi Nikro
9. Memory as Protest: Mediating Memories of Violence and the Bread Riots in the Rif
Norah Karrouche

Leggewie, Claus - Global Pop, ebook

Global Pop

Leggewie, Claus


Table of contents
I. Konzepte und Anschlüsse
1. Weltmusik: Ein politisch umstrittener Begriff
Glaucia Peres Silva
2. Von Fusion und Crossover zur Weltmusik 2.0: Eine Begriffs- und Ideologiekritik
Ulrich Kriest
3. Volksmusik und Folklore
Ulrich Morgenstern
4. Musikethnologie
Julio Mendívil

Anastasiadis, Mario - Media Logic(s) Revisited, ebook

Media Logic(s) Revisited

Anastasiadis, Mario


Media Logic as (Inter)Action Logic—Interaction Interdependency as an Integrative Meta-Perspective
Katrin Döveling, Charlotte Knorr
Part II. Media Logic in Context: Politics, Journalism, Institutions
8. On the Media Logic of the State
Jens Schröter