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Cianciolo, Anna T. - Intelligence: A Brief History, ebook

Intelligence: A Brief History

Cianciolo, Anna T.


Intelligence: A Brief History is a lively and accessible look at the origins of the field of intelligence. The book explores the nature and measurement of intelligence, examines approaches to teaching intelligence,

Bastiaens, Theo J. - On Collective Intelligence, ebook

On Collective Intelligence

Bastiaens, Theo J.


An Approach for the Visual Representation of Business Models That Integrate Web-Based Collective Intelligence into Value Creation
Henrik Ickler
4. Open Science 2.0: How Research and Education Can Benefit from Open Innovation and Web 2.0
Oliver Tacke

Liu, Honghai - Robot Intelligence, ebook

Robot Intelligence

Liu, Honghai


Table of contents
1. Programming-by-Demonstration of Robot Motions
Alexander Skoglund, Boyko Iliev, Rainer Palm
2. Grasp Recognition by Fuzzy Modeling and Hidden Markov Models
Rainer Palm, Boyko Iliev, Bourhane Kadmiry
3. Distributed…

Akhgar, Babak - Intelligence Management, ebook

Intelligence Management

Akhgar, Babak


Strategic Intelligence Management for Combating Crime and Terrorism
Babak Akhgar, Simeon J. Yates
11. Human Trafficking – The Importance of Knowledge Information Exchange
Glynn Rankin, Nick Kinsella
12. Cybercrime Profiling and Trend Analysis

Mumford, Christine L. - Computational Intelligence, ebook

Computational Intelligence

Mumford, Christine L.


Computational Intelligence: The Legacy of Alan Turing and John von Neumann
Heinz Mühlenbein
II. Fusing Evolutionary Algorithms and Fuzzy Logic
3. Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms for Electric Power Dispatch Problem
Mohammad A. Abido
4. Fuzzy

Pool, Lorraine Dacre - An Introduction to Emotional Intelligence, ebook

An Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

Pool, Lorraine Dacre


Bridges the gap between the scholarly literature and “pop-psych” books on EI
Emotional Intelligence (EI) has become a topic of vast and growing interest worldwide and is concerned with the ways in which we perceive, identify, understand, and manage emotions. It is an aspect of individual

Kelemen, Jozef - Beyond Artificial Intelligence, ebook

Beyond Artificial Intelligence

Kelemen, Jozef


On the Way to Intelligence Singularity
Ivan M. Havel
2. Slippage in Cognition, Perception, and Action: From Aesthetics to Artificial Intelligence
William W. York, Hamid R. Ekbia
3. Rationality {in|for|through} AI
Tarek R. Besold
4. Usage of