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Charle, Christophe - Birth of the Intellectuals: 1880-1900, ebook

Birth of the Intellectuals: 1880-1900

Charle, Christophe


In Birth of the Intellectuals, the renowned historian and sociologist Christophe Charle shows that the term ‘intellectuals’ first appeared at the time of the Dreyfus Affair, and the neologism originally signified a cultural and political vanguard who dared

Bates, David - Marxism, Intellectuals and Politics, ebook

Marxism, Intellectuals and Politics

Bates, David


Introduction: Marxism, Intellectuals and Politics
David Bates
2. Marx and Intellectuals
Paul Blackledge
3. Lenin, Trotsky and the Role of the Socialist Intellectual in Politics
Ian D. Thatcher
4. Gramsci and the Intellectuals:

Laruelle, Fran?ois - Intellectuals and Power, ebook

Intellectuals and Power

Laruelle, Fran?ois


In this important new book, the leading philosopher François Laruelle examines the role of intellectuals in our societies today, specifically with regards to criminal justice. He argues that, rather than concerning themselves with abstract philosophical notions like justice, truth and

Morris, Marla - Jewish Intellectuals and the University, ebook

Jewish Intellectuals and the University

Morris, Marla


Jewish Intellectuals as a Trope of Otherness
Marla Morris
3. Sites of Learning in Eastern and Central Europe during the Fin-De-Siècle
Marla Morris
Part II. Madness
4. Madness as a Trope of Otherness
Marla Morris
5. Madness, Historicity,

Castillo, Debra A. - Mexican Public Intellectuals, ebook

Mexican Public Intellectuals

Castillo, Debra A.


Engaging Intellectuals: Andrés Henestrosa and Elena Poniatowska
Debra A. Castillo
4. Monsiváis in a Nutshell
María Cristina Pons
5. Guadalupe Loaeza’s Blonded Ambition: Lip-Synching, Plagiarism, and Power Poses
Emily Hind
6. It’s My (National)

Sassower, Raphael - The Price of Public Intellectuals, ebook

The Price of Public Intellectuals

Sassower, Raphael


Table of contents
1. The Myth of “Speaking Truth to Power”
Raphael Sassower
2. A Variety of Intellectual Experiences
Raphael Sassower
3. Four Standard Approaches
Raphael Sassower
4. Certified Public Intellectuals

Baert, Patrick - The Sociology of Intellectuals, ebook

The Sociology of Intellectuals

Baert, Patrick


Table of contents
1. Reflections on Patrick Baert’s The Existentialist Moment: The Rise of Sartre as a Public Intellectual
Simon Susen, Patrick Baert
2. The Existentialist Moment Defended: A Reply to Simon Susen
Simon Susen,…