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Hommel, Ulrich - The Strategic CFO, ebook

The Strategic CFO

Hommel, Ulrich


The Strategic CFO: New Responsibilities and Increasing Job Complexity
Michael Fabich, Lutz Firnkorn, Ulrich Hommel, Ervin Schellenberg
2. Linking Strategy to Finance and Risk-Based Capital Budgeting
Ulrich Hommel, Mathias Gerner
3. Linking Strategy,

Levner, Eugene - Strategic Management of Marine Ecosystems, ebook

Strategic Management of Marine Ecosystems

Levner, Eugene


A Modular Strategy for Recovery and Management of Biomass Yields in Large Marine Ecosystems
Kenneth Sherman
5. Express Methods of Nondestructive Control for Physiological State of Algae
T.V. Parshikova
Chapter 2. Modeling Approaches and Mathematical

Amelung, Volker - Handbook Integrated Care, ebook

Handbook Integrated Care

Amelung, Volker


Discharge and Transition Management in Integrated Care
Dominika Urbanski, Anika Reichert, Volker Amelung
7. Mobile Sensors and Wearable Technology
Christopher A. Yao, Kendall Ho
8. Data Integration in Health Care

Laljani, Narendra - Making Strategic Leaders, ebook

Making Strategic Leaders

Laljani, Narendra


Developing Strategic Leaders: An Integrated View
Narendra Laljani
6. Leader Development Interventions: Action Research
Narendra Laljani
7. Making Strategic Leaders: Some Reflections
Narendra Laljani
8. Appendices