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Ki, Wing-Hung - CMOS Integrated Circuit Design for Wireless Power Transfer, ebook

CMOS Integrated Circuit Design for Wireless Power Transfer

Ki, Wing-Hung


Table of contents
1. Introduction of Wireless Power Transfer
Yan Lu, Wing-Hung Ki
2. Wireless Power Transfer Systems
Yan Lu, Wing-Hung Ki
3. Analysis of Coupled-Coils
Yan Lu, Wing-Hung Ki
4. Circuit Design of CMOS Rectifiers
Yan Lu, Wing-Hung Ki
5. Linear Regulators for WPT
Yan Lu, Wing-Hung

Collins, Richard - Media and Identity in Contemporary Europe, ebook

Media and Identity in Contemporary Europe

Collins, Richard


Has international media impacted upon the legitimacy of national communities and ideologies in Europe? Richard Collins gives an integrated analysis of the central issues in contemporary media policy. Because technological change in broadcasting has enabled us to open up media markets, the

McNabb, David E. - Water Resource Management, ebook

Water Resource Management

McNabb, David E.


Federal Regulators of the Resource
David E. McNabb
7. Water Resource Management Comes of Age
David E. McNabb
8. Managing Water Conflicts
David E. McNabb
9. Retail Water Management
David E. McNabb
10. Managing Wastewater
David E.

Ferrier, Robert - Handbook of Catchment Management, ebook

Handbook of Catchment Management

Ferrier, Robert


The book provides a synthesis of current and future thinking in catchment management, and shows how the specific problems that arise in water use policy can be addressed within the context of an integrated approach to management. The book is written for advanced students,