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Naylor, Michael - Insurance Transformed, ebook

Insurance Transformed

Naylor, Michael


What Insurance Companies Need to Do
Michael Naylor
6. Impact by Type of Insurance
Michael Naylor
7. The Dynamics of Decline
Michael Naylor
8. The Response of Incumbents
Michael Naylor
9. Regulatory and Legal Issues
Michael Naylor

Hedgecock, Janice - Insurance in Clinical Trials, ebook

Insurance in Clinical Trials

Hedgecock, Janice


Organising insurance for clinical trials can be a difficult area to find information in and confidence is needed when talking about and arranging insurance. This monograph provides information on trial insurance:

Biggs, John H. - Modernizing Insurance Regulation, ebook

Modernizing Insurance Regulation

Biggs, John H.


The future of the insurance regulation begins now
For those involved with the insurance industry, from investment professionals to policy makers, and regulators to legislators, tremendous change is coming. With insurance

Lieberthal, Robert D. - What Is Health Insurance (Good) For?, ebook

What Is Health Insurance (Good) For?

Lieberthal, Robert D.


Table of contents
Part I. The Importance of Health Insurance
1. Defining Health Insurance
Robert D. Lieberthal
2. Insuring Health Capital
Robert D. Lieberthal
3. The Scope of Health Insurance
Robert D. Lieberthal
Part II. Health Insurance Markets
4. Demand for Health Insurance
Robert D.

Boobier, Tony - Analytics for Insurance: The Real Business of Big Data, ebook

Analytics for Insurance: The Real Business of Big Data

Boobier, Tony


The business guide to Big Data in insurance, with practical application insight
Big Data and Analytics for Insurers is the industry-specific guide to creating operational effectiveness, managing risk, improving financials, and retaining customers. Written from a non-IT perspective, this

Acharya, Debashis - The Life Insurance Industry in India, ebook

The Life Insurance Industry in India

Acharya, Debashis


Life Insurance in India: Origin, Evolution and the Present State
Tapas Kumar Parida, Debashis Acharya
2. Analysing the Technical Efficiency and Productivity Change of Life Insurance Companies in India
Tapas Kumar Parida,

Małecki, Marian - Macroprudential Supervision in Insurance, ebook

Macroprudential Supervision in Insurance

Małecki, Marian


The Dynamics of the Safety Net in Insurance: Trends and Challenges
Marek Monkiewicz
3. Systemic Risk and the Insurance Industry: Principal Linkages and Dependencies
Martin Eling, David Pankoke
4. Insuring the Financial