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Westgeest, Helen - Video Art Theory: A Comparative Approach, ebook

Video Art Theory: A Comparative Approach

Westgeest, Helen


Video Art Theory: A Comparative Approach demonstrates how video art functions on the basis of a comparative media approach, providing a crucial understanding of video as a medium in contemporary art and of the visual

Russell, Ian Alden - Art and Archaeology, ebook

Art and Archaeology

Russell, Ian Alden


Joining Forces: Neuroaesthetics, Contemporary Visual art and Archaeological Interpretation of the Past
Liliana Janik
5. Interface I: Day of the Figurines
Andrew Cochrane, Ian Alden Russell
Part II. Curatorial Practice
6. Art and Archaeology: The

Huang, Fay - Arts and Technology, ebook

Arts and Technology

Huang, Fay


Interaction Analysis in Performing Arts: A Case Study in Multimodal Choreography
Maria Christou, Annie Luciani
14. BWAIN: An Artistic Web Interpretation
Linda Huber, Michael Bißmann, Stefan Gottschalk, Alexander Keck, Andreas Schönefeldt, Marko Seidenglanz,

Rugg, Judith  - Issues in Curating Contemporary Art and Performance, ebook

Issues in Curating Contemporary Art and Performance

Rugg, Judith


This volume proposes curating contemporary art as an increasingly developing theoretical terrain and a space for critical speculation and argument. It brings together contributions by artists, curators, academics and writers who examine its varied perspectives. The book addresses issues

Perea, Enrique Castaño - Architectural Draughtsmanship, ebook

Architectural Draughtsmanship

Perea, Enrique Castaño


A Free Software Based Assessment and Management System for the Art Studio Course Graphic Outcome
Iván Pajares Sánchez
45. Drawing of Carlo Scarpa’s Villa Ottolenghi
Alfonso Ippolito, Cristiana Bartolomei, Carlo Bianchini
46. The Sketch as an Approach

Broadhurst, Susan - Digital Bodies, ebook

Digital Bodies

Broadhurst, Susan


Digital Museum Installations: The Role of the Body in Creativity
Sara Price
16. Playing at Doctors and Nurses: Technology, Play and Medical Simulation
Caroline Pelletier, Roger Kneebone
17. Methodological Innovation, Creativity and the Digital Body