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Bucher, Benedicte - Innovative Software Development in GIS, ebook

Innovative Software Development in GIS

Bucher, Benedicte


Representing geographical space beyond our mere perception is key to making relevant decisions, whether it is with respect to sustainable development or to the planning of everyday activities. Designing, sharing and exploiting such representations entails many

Kavoura, Androniki - Strategic Innovative Marketing, ebook

Strategic Innovative Marketing

Kavoura, Androniki


An Innovative Promotional Tactic to Enhance TV Viewership Using Social Media
Konstantinos Danias, Angelika Kyrimi, George Marmarokopos
14. Branding in the New Museum Era
Zoe-Charis Belenioti, Chris A. Vassiliadis
15. e-Marketing in the Hotel Industry:

Sethi, Suresh P. - Industrial Engineering: Innovative Networks, ebook

Industrial Engineering: Innovative Networks

Sethi, Suresh P.


Solution Approaches for Material Requirement Planning* with Fuzzy Costs
Josefa Mula, Manuel Díaz-Madroñero
40. Forecasting Methods for Determining the Level of Safety Stock in Electronic Industry
Fauzia Dianawati, Isti Surjandari, Rainy Nafitri

Roggema, Rob - Swarm Planning, ebook

Swarm Planning

Roggema, Rob


Towards a Spatial Planning Framework for Climate Adaptation
Rob Roggema
3. Developing a Planning Theory for Wicked Problems: Swarm Planning
Rob Roggema
4. Incremental Change, Transition or Transformation? Optimising

Dolan, Thomas - Live-Work Planning and Design: Zero-Commute Housing, ebook

Live-Work Planning and Design: Zero-Commute Housing

Dolan, Thomas


“Although the live-work concept is now accepted among progressive urban design and planning professionals, the specifics that define the term, and its application, remain sketchy. This encyclopedic work is sure to change that, providing the critical information that is needed by architects,

Blum, Marcy - Wedding Planning For Dummies, ebook

Wedding Planning For Dummies

Blum, Marcy


The bestselling wedding planning guide—now updated!
Congratulations, you're planning a wedding! Besides obtaining a fancy tuxedo and a stunning gown, organizing a wedding ceremony takes creativity, planning,